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A scene from a play by Cecile Cary

Space Mole 153X8 Visits Earth by Cecile Cary

Parliament of Owls: The Northern Woods

An Introduction to "Parliament of Owls"

"Parliament of Owls" is a scene from a play by Cecile Cary entitled Space Mole 153X8 Visits Earth.  
    X8's mission is to discover Earth's suitability for "immigration and plantation."  He journeys from Pole to Pole meeting various creatures along the way with their assorted hopes and fears.
    Like all equipped space travelers, he has a Universal Communicator that enables him to understand the beings he meets.  
    The Parliament of Owls scene occurs towards the end of X8’s exploratory inquiry.  Since a debate is in progress, X8 just listens; the Owls' views are being transmitted to Control.

Great Horned Owl (The Presider)
     Wise Owl Ray
     can only pray
     that forest perch
     won't be at risk
     from those who lurch
    with iron fist
     into some fray.
     Will none say Nay?
Barred Owl
     Oscar Owl
     hoots at those
     who seek control
     of all that grows.
     Who will we be
     with what woes
     without green tree?
     Who knows?
Great Horned Owl
     We need another point of view.
     Fair Ophelia, what say you?
Snowy Owl
     Every owl must hoot
     Rue, Rue!
     Fair is foul
     no true hue.
     Keep air clean
     water pure
     Earth green
     to endure.
Great Horned Owl
     We seem agreed that green is core.
     Is there another voice on war?
Owlet (from a hole high up in tree)
     Though just an owlet, let me squeak
     truth may come from tiny beak.
     Fowlers use nets to catch their prey
     that tries but cannot fly away.
     Do not forget
     war is that net.
     We must seek peace for fish, flesh, fowl
     I'd like to grow into an owl.