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A Daughter's Tribute to Her Father, by Ellen Skinner

Dr. Ellen Skinner on Dr. Gordon B. Skinner

After Mom died in 2013, we were glad to be able to have Dad at our house. He was so easy to have around and so positive—we used to call him the Energizer Bunny—he just kept going. The end came quickly and we were able to keep him here with us the whole time. My sister and I were with him when he died. We are so grateful.

He was such a great Dad. My sister and I always try to explain how extraordinary both our parents were, by saying that we won the lottery with them. And, yes, our Dad really led a charmed life. His parents and extended family doted on him—he was the only boy in a sea of girls. And his wife and daughters adored him (another sea of girls). He was just such a good person—it was easy to love him. Even in these last hard weeks, he still could show that sweet twinkle and warm smile.

Wright State was such a big part of his life. He had so much fun being a part of it as is was taking shape and growing. He spoke about those days so often and with such satisfaction. 

Thanks you for including him in the In Memoriam section. He would really appreciate that.