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WDTN: The Rock at WSU painted with message of unity

WSU rock says Unity

Excerpt from the WDTN website

The Rock on Wright State University’s campus has been painted with an American flag and the words “unity.”

In photos provided by the university, two adults and one child took snapshots of themselves while painting the rock.

In a message on Twitter @AwesomeArthur8 said that as an alumni he hopes this message brings some peace to the community during these trying times.

“It hurts me as a black man to see so many people and so many images out there of people that look like me getting killed,” Arthur Miller said. “Regardless of what’s happening after research. What happened with George Floyd. What happened with Trayvon Martin and things of that nature, we should stir away from violence and let karma play.”

“The message here is just to acknowledge that this is happening and that most of us want to be united,” said Labib Rouhana, associate professor of biology, Wright State. “I feel the pain and I’m not black. I can’t really imagine, but imagine it’s way worse what our students, staff and African American faculty members feel.”