Retirees Association

Team Katie walks annually for Heart Research

In 2008, WSU retiree—and WSURA Treasurer—learned that her daughter, Katie, had heart disease.  On that day, Katie’s and Gail’s lives were forever changed. Katie & Gail.jpgKatie was 32 years old and had two toddlers at the time.

Since then Gail has walked the American Heart Association's Heart Walk to raise funds for heart disease research and education. Her family group is named Team Katie and they have raised $17,500 over the years and hope to raise $5,000 this year to support heart research—research that has made a difference in Katie's life!

Katie’s new ICD—Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator—is smaller, more comfortable, and the battery will last twice as long as her last device. Not having to face another surgery for 10 years is a big deal since she had had 6 surgeries in the last 7 years.

Team Katie’s Heart Walk will take place on September 24, 2016.

For more information contact Gail Whitaker at  or at (937) 429-5946.