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University of Akron faculty

Feb 6, 2019

Wright State University posted a wide-ranging list of adjunct faculty jobs on an higher education website on Monday.


Feb 5, 2019

Close to 90 WSU adjunct teaching job openings have been posted online.

Strikers on Col Glenn

Feb 5, 2019

"We offered the WSU administration/Board $8 million in concessions; they turned down that offer."

Picket line

Feb 5, 2019

“This is not the way that you want to make history in Ohio,” said Randy Gardner, chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education.

MaryBeth Pringle

Feb 5, 2019

Former Wright State Professor Mary Beth Pringle says all eyes are on the Miami Valley as the faculty union strike wears on.

ATIC building

Feb 4, 2019

ATIC drew the attention of auditors of Wright State in 2017. The center became a division of the Wright State Applied Research Corp. in 2016.

Strike Day 14

Feb 4, 2019

Lining the curb were more than 100 people cheering in support of striking faculty members.

Steve Bognar and Julia Reichert

Feb 4, 2019

Former Wright State professors win big at Sundance Film Festival.

Coach Nagy

Feb 4, 2019

“The only good thing about losing is it reminds you how good winning is. And you want to feel that way again.”


Feb 3, 2019

Union leaders said they offered to join the uniform health care plan if the administration allowed them to continue bargaining about premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.