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Wright State University Trivia Quiz, from Richard Mercer

Richard Mercer, emeritus professor of mathematics and statistics, put together the following questions for a Trivia Quiz. Click on "Show" to see the answers. If you have suggestions for additional trivia questions, contact the WSU Retirees Association webmaster.

Q: Students in which major(s) regularly wear uniforms when on campus?

Answer: Nursing majors often wear uniforms on campus in the basement of University Hall where the College of Nursing and Health classrooms are. Military Science is a minor, not a major, and students in that minor don’t typically wear uniforms.

Q: Which Space Shuttle flew directly over the Wright State campus on its way to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?

Answer: The space shuttle Enterprise flew over campus on the back of a Boeing 747 in the early 1980s. It was the only shuttle that never went into space.

Q: Which of the following buildings cannot be directly accessed through the underground tunnels?:
  • Diggs Lab
  • Dwyer Hall
  • Hanks Center
  • Health Sciences
  • Russ Engineering Center
  • Student Success Center
  • Student Union
  • White Hall

Answer: Dwyer Hall, Health Sciences, Russ and White Hall are not accessible through the tunnels.

  • Dwyer Hall is at Lake Campus!
  • Health Sciences appears from the map to be accessible through the tunnels, but in fact is not accessible for the general public. "Authorized Personnel" can apparently get there. The Neuroscience and Engineering Building is in the same situation.
  • Russ is not accessible through the tunnels, but you can get there through the Student Union without going outside.
  • White is home to the Boonshoft School of Medicine and is not accessible through the tunnels.

Q: Name three other universities in the United States whose abbreviation is WSU, and give the states in which they are located. (There are at least six.)


  • Washington State (WA)
  • Wayne State (MI)
  • Weber State (UT)
  • Wichita State (KS)
  • Winona State (MN)
  • Worcester State (MA)