Retirees Association

Gordon B. Skinner, Professor and Chair of Chemistry, April 5, 2016

Gordon B Skinner, a highly regarded physical chemist interested in gas kinetics at high temperatures, conducted research at Monsanto (1951-1964) and at Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio, 1964-1986).

As faculty and Chair of Chemistry, he also had the opportunity to help guide the new university’s development, and was proud to receive the student-selected “I-Give-a-Damn-Award.” An ACS member for 65 years, he authored 60 research papers, 2 books, and 4 patents.

Gordon was happily married to Marjorie Wilkinson for 60 years, and fathered daughters Jane, Ellen, and Laura. He was known for his keen intellect, dedication to research, clear patient teaching of challenging topics, and, above all, for his kindness.

He is survived by two of his daughters (Ellen Skinner and Laura Skinner Webb), three grandchildren (Jessi and Alex Myers and Leona Skinner Kindermann) and two great-grandchildren.