Winter Break Instructiions - College Park, Forest Lane & University Park

Forest Lane - College Park - University Park  
Winter Break Instructions 2018


24-hour quiet hours will be enforced in all buildings during finals week, beginning Friday, December 8th at 11:59 p.m.  The 24-hour quiet hours will end Friday, December 14th at 9:00 a.m.  Regular quiet hours will be observed during the break.

Apartments will remain open during Winter break for continuing residents only (no additional charge for apt winter break housing).  Residents returning for Spring may leave personal belongings in the apartment during the break.

If you go home for the break – To Do Checklist:

_____Rooms and bathrooms should be cleaned with all trash removed to the dumpsters.
_____Refrigerators should be emptied of all perishable items.  Do NOT unplug.
_____All small appliances should be unplugged.
_____All window blinds should be closed.
_____Lights turned off.
_____Heat lowered to 65 degrees (fan set to “auto” and set to “Heat”).
_____Lock the windows and doors upon departure.
_____All fish and plants should be taken home.

If you are NOT returning for Spring Semester:
Schedule a check-out appointment at the Residence Life & Housing Office, pick up a checkout packet and a request for release forms.  Please complete your check-out by 8:00 pm Friday, December 14, 2018.

Housing and maintenance staff may enter all apartments/rooms during the break to complete preventative maintenance and outstanding work orders, as well as Fire/Health/Safety checks.   Please call in maintenance requests to 937-775-4239 (FL) or 937-775-4141 (CP/ UP).

If you have a vacant bed in your apartment, please clear off the desk, bed, and dresser.  Maintenance will be in to make sure all empty beds are ready for new Spring Semester residents.  Furniture that is not cleared off will result in a fine that will be billed back to the current residents.   If former roommates have left items behind please call your maintenance office 937-775-4239 (FL) or 937-775-4141 (CP/ UP) to have them removed.

All rules remain in effect during the break.

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