Room Selection Definitions

Room Retention

Keep your current room/apartment/bedroom for next year

Room Selection Choose a different room/apartment/bedroom to live in next year
Roommate Pull-In Any resident retaining their room can pull-in friends to live with them
Full Apartment Selection Choose an apartment in Forest Lane, College Park or University Park and fill the entire apartment with friends
Classification What classification are you at the time you sign up (Freshman - Sophomore - Junior - Senior)
Prepayment $150 prepayment will be posted to the student's Bursar account and will apply directly to Fall semester's rent.  It is required in order to "complete" the contract
Defer Prepayment

Deferring is to waive a prepayment due to financial hardship or scholarship athlete.  A deferral will "complete" your contract process

PIN Code A PIN code is used to identify students without using personal information.  All students participating in Room Selection must set a 4 digit numerical PIN even if you are not pulling in roommates