Postdoctoral Association

The Postdoctoral Association at Wright State University was founded in May 2010. Our goal is to create a nurturing and supportive community that will benefit postdoctoral researchers and their mentors, as well as the research and education here at Wright State University.


The mission of the Wright State University Postdoctoral Association (PDA) is to establish, nourish, and sustain a positive academic and administrative environment that supports the training of postdoctoral researchers. A supportive academic and administrative environment will enable postdocs to focus on research training and professional development, thereby fostering growth of the postdoc and increasing the likelihood of achieving career goals, such as obtaining a permanent position at a research institution.

Specific Aims

  • To provide a forum for discussion of postdoctoral issues (e.g. research, career development, salary, mentoring, grants)
  • To enhance postdoctoral research endeavors
  • To schedule workshops and other events that will promote career development
  • To disseminate information related to professional development opportunities and organizations outside of Wright State
  • To foster a sense of community and identity among postdocs 
  • To facilitate positive interactions between postdocs and the faculty and administration
  • To help postdoctoral scholars integrate into the research and teaching establishment
  • To offer information related to Wright State administrative procedures (e.g. hiring, benefits, retirement, healthcare, grant submission)
  • To act as a support system for personal development through social gatherings and scholarly camaraderie
  • To help new and existing postdocs navigate and adjust to life in the city of Dayton and surrounding areas (e.g. welcoming committees, foreign visas, housing locations, childcare, etc)



Provides a community of support, a forum for discussion, and a unified organization within the Office of the Vice President for Research that will work to improve personal and professional career development.


Will help to recruit talented postdocs by creating a community of interdisciplinary postdocs that utilitize each other to solve research problems, assist with career development, find new and exciting job opportunities, create a network of postdocs for recruiting new hires, promote collaborative research, and increase productivity by creating happier, more successful postdocs. 


Provide a peer support network for past, current, and future postdocs that will assist in recruiting, training, and retaining talented researchers and stellar WSU employees. A vibrant postdoctoral community is essential for recruiting the best undergraduate and graduate students, research support staff (e.g. technicians, scientists, research associates), and faculty. 


Faculty Advisor

Caroline G.L. Cao, Ph.D.

Executive Board

Ryan Griggs, Ph.D. - President

Eric Romer, Ph.D. - Vice President

To obtain additional information or to join the PDA you may contact:

Ryan Griggs