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Invest in yourself and your future right now! Employees with advanced degrees earn more on average than employees with just bachelor's degrees. 


Increased income over bachelor degree


Annual salary value increase

Source: Emsi complete employment data, Analysis of the Economic Impact and Return on Investment of Education, May 2018, Commissioned by the Inter-University Council of Ohio




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  • Fall Semester—August 26, 2024
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Success Stories

"The Ph.D. program was very demanding, but I felt prepared for it based on my experiences at Wright State"
- Dorothy Carter

"I think now I’ll be able to invest more and have more opportunities of things to do with my money since it’s not tied up in paying off loans.”
- Kristy Epperson

"I’ve been truly blessed with some excellent mentors and connections at Wright State University. Without them I can’t say for sure I would have been as successful as I am.”
- Lucas Gonzalez

Space probe

Wright State alumna Dorothy Carter working with NASA on performance in space missions

Right on the money

Wright State alumna Kristy Epperson makes short work of her $14,000 student loan debt

Press run

Wright State political science grad Lucas Gonzalez lands reporting job with USA Today Network