Additional Charges and Fees

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Current Additional Charges and Fees

Applied Music Fee for a half-hour lesson: $360 for voice or $330 for all others

Applied Music Fee for a one-hour lesson: $720 for voice or $660 for all others

Audit Fee: Same as credit courses per hour1

Career Services Fee: $25 per term2

Counseling and Wellness Fee: $20 per term

First-Year Program Fee: $100

Four-Payment Plan Enrollment Fee: $25 per term

Four-Payment Plan Enrollment Fee with Prior Term Balance: $50 per term

Graduate Admissions Degree Application Fee: $40

Graduate Admissions Non-Degree Application Fee: $10

Graduation Application Fee: $35

    International Student Fee: $150 or $300 if sponsored by an organization

    Late Payment: $50–200

    Late Registration Fee: $100 on the first day of the term

    Legal Services Fee for Dayton Campus Student: $16

    New Student Orientation: $0

    Payment Plan Late Fee: $50 per late installment

    Prior Learning Assessment First Attempt: $150 per course

    Prior Learning Assessment Second Attempt: $75 per course

    Returned Check/ACH Debit: $25

    Student Health Insurance:3

    • Fall 2022: $831
    • Spring/Summer 2023: $1,233
    • Summer 2023 (new admits): $560

    TK20 Assessment Fee: $100 one-time fee (account active for seven years)

    Technology Fee: $20 per credit hour or a maximum of $1504

    Transcript Fee (Electronic, Mail, Pickup): $9.25 each

    Transcript Fee + Express Mail Fee: $22.25 each

    Undergraduate Admissions Degree Application Fee: $0

      1Laboratory and special courses not open to audit
      2Undergraduate, degree-seeking students only
      3Students must provide proof of health insurance coverage. If coverage cannot be provided by undergraduate students registered for 12 credit hours or more and graduate students registered for six credit hours or more will be charged for student health insurance each term.
      4College of Engineering and Computer Science courses only

      Prior Year's Additional Charges and Fees