Pre-Health Professional Program

Get Started

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Learn more about your area of interest

The first step when thinking about a career in the health profession is to learn more about the professions that interest you. Read about your career of interest. Do an informational interview with someone in that career field. Learn about current trends in the field. Check out the Pre-Health Pathways and to learn more about preparation for specific professions.


Complete Prerequisite Courses

While there is no universal set of prerequisite coursework for any of the health professions, most health professional schools require similar courses, including biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, behavioral sciences (like psychology and sociology), and English composition. Our Pre-Health Pathways include common prerequisites for medical school, dental school, and other common health professional programs. Typically, students will take one or two prerequisite courses each semester, depending upon their major requirements and other factors.


Choose a Major

Pursuing a health profession is a career goal, not an academic major. It is important to choose a major that you will enjoy and that will allow you to complete the required and recommended courses while also gaining experience outside the classroom. Consider a major that will give you possible alternative career options, recognizing that many students commonly change majors and career plans multiple times as they learn about themselves and their career options. Keep in mind that there is no "best" major for pursuing a health profession. 

Degrees and Programs


Gain Experience

While GPA and standardized test scores are important, admission committees expect candidates to demonstrate a commitment to the profession and the competencies necessary to be a capable healthcare provider. Gaining valuable experience outside of the classroom will help you learn more about your health profession, enhance your skill set, and stand out as a competitive candidate.



Stay Informed and Seek Assistance

Admissions to a health professional school require a great deal of organization, foresight, and planning. To be a successful candidate, you need to be thinking "two steps ahead." Preparing to apply takes several years to complete the prerequisite courses and extracurricular experiences successfully. The application process itself takes more than a full calendar year to complete. Be sure to seek feedback, support, and coaching along the way. The Pre-Health Program is here to assist you each step of the way.