Coronavirus Update

Classes will be held remotely for the remainder of the spring semester, and all official university events and student activities are suspended until further notice. While the Dayton and Lake campuses remain open, access to campus is restricted to personnel who have been identified as essential. Read more.

Lake Campus Emergency Action Plan

Chem/Bio/Rad Material Spill or Release

Call 911 on campus phone or (419) 586-7724 on cell or off campus phone to report any known or suspected accidental or intentional spill or release.

Follow instructions given by emergency response personnel.

Inside a building

  • Evacuate the immediate area, closing doors to the area where possible.
  • Someone familiar with the situation should meet emergency response personnel outside the building.
  • If injuries or suspected exposure to the materials, inform emergency response personnel that medical assistance is needed.
  • DO NOT re-enter the area until instructed by emergency response personnel.
  • DO NOT attempt to clean up chemical/hazardous material unless directed by Environmental Health and Safety staff.

Major Transportation Incident

  • Releases may occur during material transfer procedures or as a result of an accident/crash involving
    • An aircraft
    • Train/Railway
    • Highway traffic

If you witness or become aware of a chemical or hazardous material release

  • Call 911 on campus phone or (419) 586-7724 on cell or off campus phone.
  • You may be instructed to
  • Make sure you get upwind of the incident scene as quickly as possible.
    • If getting upwind is not possible, move laterally away.
    • DO NOT move downwind of the scene.

If you are exposed to the chemical/hazardous material:

  • Make use of the nearest emergency shower and/or eyewash if available. The location of you nearest emergency shower/eyewash is (write in location below):
  • Cover your mouth and nose with layers of cloth (handkerchief, towel, etc.),
  • Move as far away from the source of contamination as possible.
  • Wash with soap and water.
  • Remove contaminated clothing as soon as possible.
  • Call 911 on campus phone or (419) 586-7724 on cell or off campus phone and report your exposure.