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Robert J. Heilman Fellowship

Picture of Bob Heilman

The Robert J. Heilman Fellowship is a way to honor the legacy of our past President and CEO, recognizing his contributions to ONEIL and pay it forward. Bob valued integrity, dedication, loyalty, and a drive for innovation. ONEIL teamed with Wright State University to create the ONEIL Center for Research Communication and Robert J. Heilman Fellowship to memorialize Bob’s commitment to excellence in technical communication. To date, there have been two Heilman Fellows. Mitesh Vosoya the first fellow, participated in a co-op at ONEIL and contributed to ONEIL’s prototype development for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) leveraging Microsoft HoloLens technologies.  Dixit Patel is the second fellow recipient. As part of the fellowship, Dixit’s dissertation topic was titled “Use of VR/AR and AI-Powered Serious Games for Complex Professional Skills Development”.