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ONEIL Center


technology usage in the field

For 70 years, O’Neil & Associates (ONEIL) has specialized in creating product support documentation to serve the aerospace, military, and industrial markets. Our award-winning company is employee-centered and family-friendly. We provide our employees a fine benefits package, an excellent working environment, the best tools to do their jobs, and participation in an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP).

Few companies worldwide can match our experience in using the latest technologies to provide technical support documentation for a diverse range of products (from home kitchen appliances to satellite communication systems, and from aircraft to heavy automotive). Because we have worked with nearly every specification, format, and platform, we quickly adapt to fulfill each customer’s needs.

Our clients often depend on us to enhance their processes; infuse new technology; or create entirely new product information support systems, eLearning tools, and Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs). Each year, we produce tens of thousands of graphics, animations, models, and diagrams. We produce all types of technical manuals, including a rapidly growing number of requests for our electronic technical manuals. One size doesn't fit all. We work with our clients to create the best technical manuals for their current needs and future requirements. Our clients depend on us to:

  • Author support materials that take advantage of new technologies
  • Create a cost-effective IETM
  • Develop eLearning tools and programs
  • Comply with S1000D™ standards
  • Create database-driven authoring systems for serial-number-specific manuals

The latter is a common form of modernization we have employed with great success. We analyze the contents of technical manuals covering a range of related products or serial numbers, and design a database used to output a technical manual covering a user’s particular serial-numbered piece of equipment, rather than covering a model or range of models. Also, the manuals can be provided in up to 40 different languages. These custom manuals can be preprinted and shipped with the product, or provided later when the customer wants to see just the data that applies to their aircraft or system. Often, this is delivered on the web.

We serve customers worldwide from our corporate headquarters located in Miamisburg, Ohio (just south of Dayton), and several other locations around the world. We offer our customers an excellent source of capacity, expertise, technology, and quality. With over 250 employees who specialize in product support documentation, customers can be sure their project will get the right resources at the right time.

Why is ONEIL investing in the center?

We are pleased to partner with Wright State University to create the ONEIL Center within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Investing in the center promotes the educational advancement of its interns and an increased use of technology to improve the development of technical communication. These were critical aspirations for ONEIL’s former President and CEO, Robert J. Heilman; providing for the ONEIL Center and the Robert J. Heilman Fellowship is our way of memorializing his commitment, dedication, and leadership. We look forward to watching the students who participate in the center, and are confident it will serve as a fertile ground for developing future ONEIL associates.

The OC is the perfect vehicle for ONEIL to engage with our local community. The OC embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of ONEIL and seeks to maximize the value of technical communication through the application of technology, professional skill, and quality services. - Hernan H. Olivas, President & CEO