CMS Request for Access/Removal

Legal Responsibilities
The purpose of this statement is to inform you of your responsibilities and requirements as a user of Wright State University computer systems. Adherence to these responsibilities and requirements will protect your programs and data and enable everyone to use the system more effectively.

Your account is to be used only for authorized administrative, academic and research applications. All users must be registered with Computing and Telecommunications Services. Frivolous applications, unauthorized use or misuse (game playing, unauthorized use of files, any form of personal harassment, etc.), are prohibited and could result in the loss of your account and charges being brought against you through an appropriate University office. Your account(s) is/are for your use only; sharing of accounts and passwords is strictly prohibited.

Students must be registered to obtain and maintain an account. Access will be disabled during non-registered quarters. Password resets will be done only in person and with a valid picture identification card.

I have read, understand and accept the above responsibilities as an account holder, and I agree to comply with these and all WSU and Computing and Telecommunications Services policies/conditions.

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