Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Ally (LGBTQA) Affairs

Safe Space

Mission Statement

The Safe Space program at Wright State University is a comprehensive and engaging educational program that dares to transform the campus environment for LGBTQA students, staff and faculty.

Through its bold educational programs, individuals and offices are identified that provide a network of support for the emotional, psychological, social and physical well-being of our LGBTQA community.

Safe Space Manual (PDF)


The Safe Space Training Program is a comprehensive 3 hour session and provides potential new allies with information on how to support the LGBTQA community. The training will include a panel of students who will share their experiences as members of the LGBTQA community.  Allies attending the entire 3 hour training will have the option of completing a Safe Space Pledge and being listed on this site as an Ally.  Allies completing the pledge will be provided with the Safe Space emblem to display inside or outside of their offices.

About the Trainers

The program consists of a core team of volunteers from Counseling & Wellness, Office of Student Activities, Women’s Center, Rainbow Alliance, LIVE and Beta Beta.  We are always interested in expanding our team of trainers.  If you are interested in joining the training team after attending the Safe Space Training Program please contact Josh Scacco, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities at 775-5547 or

Register for Training

If you are interested in registering for Safe Space training on one of the dates listed below, please complete the registration form available by clicking below.

09/17/14 9 a.m. - noon
11/14/14 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.
02/03/15 9 a.m. - noon
04/03/15 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Request a Training

Training requests are fulfilled in the order they are submitted.  Because training requires the coordination of many facilitators’ schedules, the more open you can be with the date and time for your request the greater likelihood the request can be filled by our team.

The training team may combine training opportunities with permission from requestors to maximize participation.

If you have any questions regarding training scheduling, please contact Josh Scacco, Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities at 775-5570 or


In 2005, the Rainbow Alliance launched an initial Safe Space Campaign by creating a Safe Space manual and Ally Sticker to encourage our allies in Wright State University’s faculty and staff to identify themselves on campus by putting visible Safe Space symbols on their office doors.  By displaying the Safe Space symbol, they would let GLBTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) students know that those faculty and staff were people they could turn to who believed in equality, would be supportive of GLBTQ student needs, could give advice, or just be someone with whom they could talk to and feel safe and comfortable.

As of the 2008-09 academic year, a new Core Team came together to revitalize the Wright State Safe Space Program by updating the 2005 manual, instituting a comprehensive ally training program for faculty, staff and students, creating a website, and renewing the Safe Space Sticker Campaign.

Be an Ally

52 Ways to be an Ally on the Wright State Campus

For All
  1. Change your language to be as inclusive as possible.
  2. Try not to assume heterosexuality or gender identity.
  3. Take time to think through your personal feelings about LGBTQA people.
  4. Avoid tokenizing LGBTQA individuals.
  5. Work to ensure the safety of LGBTQA individuals. This safety includes physical and psychological safety, as well as the ability to act without fear of stigma, oppression, or violence.
  6. Report bias-related incidents to the Wright State Bias Incident Response Team (see so that the university community can record and address these incidents.
  7. Challenge heterosexist and homophobic statements (e.g. “That’s not funny…”) not because it’s politically correct to do so, but because it builds a safer, more inclusive campus.
  8. Bring a Safe Space panel to your classroom, student organization, or residence hall.
  9. Support the creation and use of gender-neutral restrooms and single user restrooms. Avoid staring or attempting to label people’s gender identity in the restroom.
  10. Donate to, or organize a fundraiser for, the LGBTQA student scholarship at Wright State.
  11. Attend a Rainbow Alliance meeting or event.
  12. Volunteer for one of Rainbow Alliance’s special annual events.
  13. Follow up with a student or colleague who publicly takes a stand on LGBTQA issues. Support these individuals publicly and privately.
  14. Include LGBTQA students and colleagues in all informal group outings for classes and departments.
  15. Make it your personal policy to not “out” people, regardless of how open they are, unless you have their permission.
  16. Make it your personal policy to resist introducing people (either in person or in conversations) as your “gay friend” or “lesbian colleague” unless their sexual orientation is relevant or unless you also introduce your “straight friend” or “straight colleague.”
  17. Make it your personal policy to not automatically assign characteristics to people based on their perceived or actual gender identity. Notice how your interactions with others change when you do this.
  18. Offer to be part of someone’s support network as s/he is coming out.
  19. Remind others that individuals who are coming out are more than their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. Affirm the human dignity of all.
  20. Learn more about community resources such as PFLAG.  Attend an event and then tell others widely about your attendance, just as you would about other aspects of your life.
  21. Invite LGBTQA students to provide feedback about whether they feel included on your floor, department, or classroom. Provide opportunities for ongoing feedback.
  22. Challenge yourself to not buy into stereotypes.
  23. Engage in friendly discussions of LGBTQA concerns.
  24. When updating on current events, include LGBTQA news, events and happenings.
  25. Show your support by wearing LGBTQA pins, bracelets, or t-shirts.
  26. When you hear someone ask, “What’s LGBTQA mean?,” stop and explain.
  27. Avoid guessing who is GLBTQ and who is not.
  28. Commit to being an ally all day, every day, regardless of whether anyone is witness to your acts.
  29. Educate yourself and others about how to be an ally.
  30. Volunteer in the LGBTQA Resource Room.
  31. Familiarize yourself with the materials and resources available in the LGBTQA Resource Room. Visit the space!
  32. Visit the website
  33. Join the Allies listserv for the latest in news as well as and local and campus happenings.
For Faculty & Staff
  1. Prominently display your Safe Space sticker on your office door or at the entrance to your workspace.
  2. Designate your classroom as a Safe Space. Add a disclaimer to your syllabus and enforce it.
  3. Ask LGBTQA constituents for feedback about how your office might better support or serve them. Ensure that there are ongoing opportunities for feedback.
  4. Revise your syllabus to include LGBTQA films, articles, or other readings.
  5. Join Allies, the LGBTQA staff and faculty organization.
  6. Support LGBTQA issues in department meetings; speak up and voice your support so that your LGBTQA colleagues are not the only voices for equity.
  7. Ensure that Wright Way Policy 4001—which includes protections for sexual orientation and gender identity/expression—is upheld.
  8. Respect the request of transgender individuals to go by their preferred names and pronouns.
  9. Add a variety of partner status options in your unit’s paperwork.
  10. Health service providers, sexual violence prevention educators, student affairs advocates, and counselors, among others, should be comfortable with sexual health issues and terminology for LGBTQA individuals.
  11. Include LGBTQA stories and materials in publicity for your unit.
  12. Be open and prepared to discussing how LGBTQA issues affect students’ financial aid, career options, relationships with family, etc.
  13. If you are not able to answer a question or help a LGBTQA student or colleague, be ready to ask for assistance from the Safe Space Core Team.
  14. Invite partners (not spouses) to join in departmental social outings.
For Resident Assistants
  1. Normalize LGBTQA issues by bringing them up in your first floor meeting.  Insist that all individuals are welcome on your floor.
  2. Plan a program or make a bulletin board about LGBTQA issues.  The Safe Space Core Team would be happy to provide resources and ideas!
  3. Check in with your known LGBTQA residents to ensure that they feel included and welcome on your floor.
  4. If their assigned roommate refuses to live with them, give LGBTQA students options and a voice in how the complaint is addressed.
  5. Make a special effort to connect new WSU students to on-campus resources such as Rainbow Alliance, the LGBTQA Resource Room, and the Women’s Center.

Dayton Campus Allies

Abrahamowicz, Dan Student Affairs
Acosta, Julia Leadership Studies in Education
Akintobi, Tinuke Residence Life
Allbright, Barb Student Support Services
Arnett, Michaella  
Atkins, Diana Office of the Registrar
Attenweiler, Jennifer Residence Services
Bak, Brittany School of Professional Psychology
Baker, Amanda  
Baker, Andy Teacher Education
Bange, Stephanie Educational Resource Center
Banning, Benjamin  
Barnhart, Amy Office of Financial Aid
Barrett, Kimberly Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement
Battle-Fisher, Michele Community Health - Global Health
Beatty, Pam University College
Beckermann, Carleen Career Services
Bell, Chelsea  
Bergdahl, Jacqueline Sociology
Bolds, Nycia UCIE
Bonza, Angela Office of Disability Services
Bornstein, Dara Center for Teaching and Learning
Bossetti, Christina Residence Life
Bower, Rebekah (Becky) KNH
Bowers, Ciera Residence Life
Brackman, Benjamin  
Brady, Barry School of Professional Psychology
Brame, Rachel  
Brigger, Kary Institutional Research
Brown, Hunt Earth & Environmental Sciences
Brun, Carl Social Work
Bullock, Barbara Institutional Research
Burnworth, Daniela Counseling & Wellness Services
Campbell, Janae  
Carper, Andrew Residence Life
Cathcart, Judy Institutional Research
Cauley, Katherine Community Health - Global Health
Chelette, Murry  
Chetcuti, Wendy Police Department
Claflin, Dragana Psychology/312 B Fawcett
Coconis, Michel Social Work
Cole, Rebecca University Advancement
Conde, Kimberly School of Professional Psychology
Corbett, Drew Campus Recreation
Corbitt, Eric Student Union & Event Services
Cunningham, Sherry Residence Life
Cyan, Gail Raider Connect
Dakin, Daniel University College
Danals, Rick Student Activities
Darkow, Dan Residence Life
Davenport, Adrienne Residence Life
Davis, Renyssa Residence Life
Davis, Will University Libraries
Dean, Helen Environmental Health & Safety
DeButz, Melissa  
Deedrick, Katie Student Support Services
Deer, Joe Theatre, Dance and Motion Pictures
Delgado, Kolina School of Professional Psychology
Denman, Janet Theatre, Dance & Motion Pictures
Denney, Jean Disability Services
Depp, Edward Bolinga Center
Dickey, Garrett Residence Life
Dickstein, Gary Community Standards & Student Conduct
Dindo, Carl School of Professional Psychology
Donohue Darla CEHS, Student Services
Duke, Courtney  
Duke, Lisa Career Services
Ebert, James Community Health - Global Health
Edmiston, Taylor  
Elleman, Jeremy Residence Life
Ellison, Sylvia Community Health - Global Health
Engelman, Jordan Residence Life
Evans, Dominick  
Eziolisa, Uju  
Finegan, Dr. Colleen Teacher Education
Flood, Antonique University College - AATS
Foskuhl, Susan School of Psychology
Foster, Brandy  
Foster, Joshua Residence Life
Frantz, Shalagh School of Professional Psychology
Frantz, Todd Office of the Registrar
Gammon, Hannah School of Professional Psychology
Garber, Debbie COSM Admin
Garrett, Teresa Pharmacology & Toxicology
Gepperth, Jason Ohio's STEM Ability Alliance (OSAA)
Gilbert, Stashia  
Gonzalez, Lenny Student Activities
Goubeaux, Ginger  
Green, Melissa  
Green, Shamon University College - AATS
Greening, Kacey School of Professional Psychology
Halabi, Barbara Career Services
Halberg, Katie Communications & Marketing
Hamilton, Dustin School of Professional Psychology
Hammock, Marie Residence Life
Harmon, Matthew  
Harris, Charlotte Dean, CEHS
Harris, Kamille Residence Life
Hawkins, Nathaniel Lee Residence Life
Hayes, Christopher Residence Life
Hayes, Zachary Residence Life
Heironimus, Alexandra Residence Life
Helle, Charlotte Residence Life
Hembree, Lucas  
Henderson, Melissa University College
Hendricks, Alicia NCBP - Neuro Science, Cell Bio and Physi
Henneke, Kyle  
Herbe, Amanda Undergraduate Admissions
Highlander, Tyler  
Hockaday, Linda CEHS- Student Services
Hogan, Christopher Community Standards & Student Conduct
Holdgreve, Scott  
Hopkins, David President
Houseknecht, Valerie Counseling and Wellness Services
Howard, Jennifer  
Howes, Joyce COSM Student Services
Hudgell, Justin  
Hudson, Andrew-Bryce Bolinga Center
Jaudon, Emily  
Jenei, Szilvia School of Professional Psychology
Jenkins, Kelly  
Johnson, Brooke Raj Soin College of Business
Johnson, Margaret Graduate Student- International Business
Johnson, Matthew Residence Life
Johnson, Toshia Residence Life
Jomantas, Genevieve University College
Jones, Patricia Multicultural Affairs & Community Engagement
Joshi, Karan Residence Life
Keene, Lindsey  
Kelbley, Jessica  
Keller, Jeremy  
Keucher, Gina Student Activities
Kimmet, Tanya Digital Service, University Libraries
Kirksey, Khadija  
Kollman, Kathleen College of Liberal Arts
Krouse, Susan University College
La Torre, Michael  
Lachecki, Carla Community Health - Global Health
Lamp, Debra Student Activities
Lasky, Nova CEHS Dean's Office
Leach, Kelly Community Health - Global Health
Lightner, Karli  
Lindsay, Andre  
Littell, Tim University College
Little, Lauren  
Lloyd, Morgan Residence Life
Lowery, Gregory Residence Services
Loy, Nicole College of Nursing & Health
Luchin, Karen Biomedical Sciences PhD Program
Luneke, Angela Office of the Registrar
Lyons, Hayley  
Madigan, Nicholas  
Marshall, Cynthia English Department
Martin, Piper University Libraries
Mathies, Bonnie Dean - Lake Campus
McDermott, Ron Teacher Education
McGinley, Sarah English
McKelvey, Matthew  
McMillan, Jacqueline Enrollment Management
Meade, Bria  
Metzner, Michelle English Department
Meyers, Zach  
Mileo, Theresa Office of the President
Miller, Andy  
Mirelez, Iris Financial Aid
Mitchell, Ann  
Money, Jennifer  
Moor, Tarryn School of Professional Psychology
Moore, Ryan  
Morris, Kathy VP Student Affairs
Morris, Kimberly Environmental Health and Safety
Morton, Marissa  
Motter, Sarah  
Murphy, Chris CEHS Office of Student Services
Murray, Margaret  
Muschert, Julia  
Myers, Julia University College
Myers, Katherine Disability Services
Myrick, Jasmine  
Narayanan, S Provost
Nettleton, Caleb  
Neeley, Sabrina Community Health - Global Health
Neis, David University College
Nettleton, Caleb  
Nguyen, Mai Asian Hispanic Native American Center
O'Connell, Haley  
Ogletree, Holley School of Professional Psychology
Page, Kate Residence Life
Papadakis, Jennifer College of Science and Mathematics
Patterson, Dana Murray Bolinga Center
Perciful, Michael School of Professional Psychology
Peters, Sarah School of Professional Psychology
Pitts, Tammie  
Plaugher, Michael Residence Life
Poch, Eric Registrar Office
Polk, Simone Student Services
Prochaska, Lawrence Biochem/ Mol. Bio.
Redd, Emily L.  
Rex, Jared Residence Life
Riley, Brandee  
Ritter, Erin  
Roberts, Lindsay  
Ross, Susan  
Rotsinger, Sarah School of Professional Psychology
Rubins, Melissa College of Education and Human Services
Rumbaugh, Stephen Communications and Marketing
Savage, Adrienne Dunbar Library
Scanlan, Kalie  
Schaad, Amanda School of Professional Psychology
Scharer, Greg Alumni Relations
Scheidt, Pamela Center for Healthy Communities
Schiml, Patricia Psychology Dept.
Schimmoeller, Jostin  
Schoppelrei, Elizabeth  
Schraeder, Daniel Residence Services
Schrag, Anna Residence Life
Scott, Jasmin  
Scott, Monique  
Seiter, Angela Raider Connect
Semones, Suzanne Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry
Shank, Jared Associate Provost/Registrar
Shemanski, Christopher Office of Student Activities
Siesky, Gene School of Professional Psychology-Ellis Institute
Skira, Aaron Institutional Research
Smith, Ashleigh  
Smith, Courtney Biological Sciences
Smith, Heather  
Smith, Joyce Affirmative Action Programs
Smith, Melissa Enrollment Management, Transfer Student Center
Smith, Tami Registrar
Snyder, Chantelle Raj Soin College of Business
Snyder, Hannah  
Sol (Soloman, Mark) Raider Connect
Sommers, Kimberly School of Professional Psychology
Spencer, Amanda Raj Soin College of Business
Spencer, Stephanie  
Spiert, Natalee  
Stamas, Emily Boonshoft School of Medicine Marketing and Communication
Stanaford, Ashtin  
Staruch, Carole Social Work
Steele, Tracey Department of Scoiology/Anthropology
Stites, Jacob Residence Life
Stokes, Tamarus Curriculum and Instruction
Stuby, Cole  
Stutz, Trevor  
Sudkamp, Thomas Provost
Sweeney, Robert President's Office
Swinning, Hilary Residence Life
Taylor-Hall, Alysoun PhD in Engineering Program
Teasdale, Anthony Counseling and Wellness Services
Tesner, Stephanie Residence Life
This, Craig Office of Institutional Research
Thomas, Dan  
Toller, David Counseling and Wellness Services
Traxler, Rebecca Provost
Turpin, Jennifer Campus Recreation
Usserman, Alyson  
Valentine, Noah Residence Life
Van Eps, Jeremy Residence Life
Vanzant, Cindy Women's Center
Vargas, Vinicius Residence Life
Virzi, Jessica School of Professional Psychology
Vlasnik, Amber Women's Center
Waltz, Destiney  
Watamaniuk, Scott Psychology Dept.
Watkins, Michael  
Wehmeyer, Susan University Libraries
Weinzimmer, Julianne Sociology/Anthropology
Wenning, Alex University Honors Program
Wenrick, (Ronald) Lukas Residence Life
Whip, Miranda Residence Life
Whiteside, Brittney Athletics
Whitlock, Joe Environmental Health and Safety
Wilburn, Debra Career Services
Wiley, Gayle College of Education and Human Services
Wilhoite, Valita Student Activities
Willer, Cassie Residence Life
Williams, Diamond Residence Life
Williams, Jessica School of Professional Psychology
Winger, Jenna Residence Life
Yike, Rachel  
Young, Jolene Residence Life

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Lake Campus Allies

Harless, Meagan Lake Campus Biology
Hirschfeld, Carla Computer Science (adjunct)
Hochstein, Dave Lake Campus Psychology
Holdheide, Sandi Lake Campus Student Services
Jones, Carol Lake Campus Engineering Technology
Lauterbach, Evelyn Lake Campus/Student Services-Advising
Mathies, Bonnie Dean, Lake Campus
Miller, Lucas A. Lake Student Services
Phlipot, Candace Lake Campus Student Services
Springer, Deanna Lake Campus, Office of Disabilities
Vandegrift, Guy Physics, Lake Campus
Wilson, Christine Lake Campus Liberal Arts

*Updated 10/14/13