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Social Media Marketing

The reason many organizations decide to step into social media is to increase their marketing capabilities by meeting their customers where they are: online.

Social media is meant to assist people with their communications and allow two-way communication in popular formats. As such, it is important that you approach all of your social media with a goal of providing top-notch customer service by listening, observing, and responding in helpful ways.

This is not the place for hard selling. Rather, cultivate your relationships and take care to establish trust and personality. Only after achieving these should you mention ways that what you offer can fulfill their needs.

Key Points to Understand in Social Media Marketing

  1. Have a plan with realistic goals. Decide how you will measure progress and set goals. Examine pages belonging to organizations similar to your own to observe their numbers of fans/followers, posts, engagement, etc. Consider how social media can play a role in event attendance, registrations, purchases, or other measurable items.
  2. Social media is not an island. It must be integrated as part of your overall communications and marketing strategy, which possibly includes websites, print pieces, mass media, and other forms of communication.
  3. This is a slow process. It takes time to establish your fan base/followers, and even longer to see appreciable results. Once well established, however, it can be a very powerful tool.
  4. You must engage your fans/followers. Simply posting without observing and interacting can be more hurtful than helpful to a brand. Be present, polite, and responsive.
  5. While paid advertising on social media sites is always an option, it is most beneficial to focus on customer service, relationships, and word of mouth.

Additional Assistance

Please email or contact:

Katie Halberg, M.B.A.
Social Media Program Director