Fall 2020 Update

Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Office of Marketing

Homepage Slider


The homepage slider on wright.edu is used to tell Wright State stories, while reinforcing the university’s brand and messaging. The homepage slider only contains positions for 3-4 images at maximum: one recruiting campaign, one news story, and one university-wide large scale public or community event, or university initiative.

Any major university announcements will also be featured here on an as-needed basis.


The wright.edu homepage has one primary audience(s): prospective students and visitors.  Other secondary audiences could include current students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors, and other university stakeholders. 


The homepage slider needs to appeal to prospective and visitors first.  The slider images on wright.edu represent Wright State University, using visuals to tell our stories. Slider content must also be timely.

Do you have a story or event you’d like to see featured in the homepage slider?  Please submit a web support ticket to have your idea considered.

To have a slider item idea to be considered, it must be comply with this criteria:

  • Have an interest or affect prospective students and visitors
  • Reinforce the Wright State brand and tell our stories
  • Comply with an overall recruiting campaign
  • Be a large scale event or be an university initiative
  • Be timely

If your slider item targets a specific group instead of matching the above criteria, then the slider item may be better represented on a specific college, department, or unit page.  If you’re not sure where your slider item should be placed, please submit a web support ticket from the page you want the slider to appear.

If the slider item is event specific, please submit your request at least two weeks prior to the event.