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Office of Marketing

Getting Started

Please obtain supervisor approval prior to starting this process.

  1. Define your audience and carefully choose social media platforms that work well for each audience.
  2. Review, understand, and agree to conform to the Wright State University Social Media Guidelines.
  3. Learn each platform's norms and understand their terms of service before beginning a Wright State account.
  4. Each social media profile should have at least two owners/admins. Decide who will be responsible for regularly monitoring and publishing content for each account. At least one owner/admin should be listed in the university's Social Media Managers Group. (Email Katie Halberg to be added to the SMMG.)
  5. Once you plan your internal account management, you're ready to create your account(s).
  6. Profile pictures: If you operate an account for a department, office, or division, email the Office of Marketing to request your free official profile picture that will indicate you are an approved account. Please indicate what office, department, college, or division name should be included in your profile picture, making it as short as possible. View samples and the available color combinations. No alterations of these official profile pictures should be made without the written approval of the Office of Marketing. If you operate unofficial accounts, student organization accounts, personal accounts, or academic accounts, you may use your own profile picture. Do not use the university's logo or wordmarks in your profile picture.
  7. Cover photos: There are no requirements for your cover photo. Feel free to use any photo or design that best supports your unit's mission. Alternatively, the Office of Marketing maintains several appropriately sized downloads that you may use for cover photos. View the available downloads.
  8. After you create your account(s), visit the Social Media Directory and click on the appropriate link to submit your new channel(s) for inclusion.
  9. If you wish to use the university's social media management platform tool, please email the social media team for information on arranging training and system access.

Additional Information & Assistance

Please email socialmedia@wright.edu or email:

Katie Halberg, M.B.A.
Social Media Program Director