In-Person/Remote Video Learning Classrooms

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CaTS has upgraded 35 Dayton campus classrooms to support faculty teaching a combination of in-person and remote classes simultaneously. These classrooms feature Cisco video equipment, including a camera in the back of the classroom to capture the instructor and/or the whiteboard as class is being taught, as well as a Cisco control panel mounted on the teaching workstation which allows the instructor to control the different camera views, the volume of remote students as they interact during class, and the ability to share class content. 

Upgraded Classrooms

    Health Sciences

    • 134
    • 140

    Millett Hall

    • 009

    Oelman Hall

    • 112
    • 114
    • 125

    Russ Engineering Center

    • 145
    • 146
    • 150
    • 153
    • 154
    • 208
    • 302
    • 406

    Creative Arts Center

    • 280

      Rike Hall

      • 016
      • 018
      • 020
      • 033
      • 036
      • 041
      • 044
      • 047
      • 050
      • 054
      • 058
      • 060
      • 072
      • 154
      • 157
      • 158
      • 160
      • 161
      • 163
      • 166

      Cisco Equipment Used In These Rooms

      Wall-mounted Cisco Camera 

      Wall Mounted Camera

      Cisco Control Panel

      Cisco control panel

      Camera View Options

      Instructors have the option to control which camera view their remote students can see during their class. Camera views can be adjusted using the white Cisco control panel on the teaching workstation.

      To bring up the different options for the camera in your class, touch the camcorder icon in the top right corner of the white Cisco control panel.

      cisco control panel 3

      Presenter: Selecting this option sets the camera in the back of the room to follow you as you move along the front of your classroom lecturing.

      Whiteboard: Focuses the back camera to a preset position displaying the whiteboard.

      Sharing Content

      Instructors can share content being shown in the classroom with their remote students over Webex or Collaborate Ultra.

      **If you are attempting to share full-motion videos (DVDs, Blu-rays, YouTube videos, etc), please include a link to the video so your remote students can access this content without experiencing delays. Media shared through Collaborate Ultra may be subject to both quality and audio issues.**

      Sharing Content On Your Computer Screen (PowerPoints, Websites, etc)

      1. To share content you are projecting to your class from the monitor in your classroom, open your Webex meeting, and click the 'Share Content' button at the bottom of the screen.
      2. Select 'Screen'
      3. Your remote students will now be able to view anything currently displayed on the monitor of your teaching workstation.

      Sharing Content Using An External Source (Document Camera, Apple TV, ShareLink)

      1. To share content you are projecting to your class from the document camera, Apple TV, or ShareLink, click 'Share' on the Cisco control panel
      2. Select 'Share in call'
      3. Your remote students will now be able to view any of the external sources you have selected on the black Extron control panel.

      Classroom Equipment Training

      If you would like to receive training on equipment installed in your classroom, send an email to, and a CaTS representative will be in contact with you. For questions about online learning software, contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 937-775-2885, or

      Classroom Support

      If you experience any issues while working with the classroom equipment, please dial x4827 on the wall-mounted phone in the classroom. A classroom support technician will be out to assist you as quickly as possible.