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photo of an instructor and students in a classroomCaTS manages all computing labs and technology equipment for all electronic classrooms. We also offer equipment checkout and equipment delivery from the CaTS Help Desk in 025 Library Annex. For more information on labs, electronic classrooms, and other classroom services offered by CaTS, see the links on the right.

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Classroom Technology Support

Classroom Technology Support Policies

Damaged, Destroyed, or Stolen Equipment Policy

CaTS Classroom Technology Support (CTS) provides equipment to the Wright State University (WSU) community. These items are provided with the understanding that those persons utilizing university property will make every effort to prevent damage or loss to that property. The purpose of this policy is to define the client's responsibility in the event of damage or loss to CTS owned property being used by the client.

Full Policy (Effective Date: June 1, 2013)
  1. Client definition: Any WSU faculty, staff, or student (with faculty/staff co-signature) that checks out equipment from CTS or requests an equipment delivery.
  2. User definition: Any person that uses, or comes in contact with CTS owned equipment, whether they are the client or not. This includes, but is not limited to: faculty, staff, students, guest lecturers, Pre-College/WSU Camp participants, visitors, or private citizens.
  3. A reasonable standard of care for any CTS owned equipment is expected of all users. Intentional damage or loss will be reported to Campus Police for further action.
  4. If CTS staff delivers equipment to a private space for class/academic purposes, it is the client's responsibility to provide access to that space for equipment set-up as well as equipment retrieval.
  5. Equipment will only be delivered by CTS staff to a teaching space that is associated with a course number assigned by the Registrar. Any equipment orders needed for other reasons must be scheduled through Student Union/ Event Services at x5512.
  6. Equipment delivered by CTS staff to classrooms or lecture halls to be used in a Registrar recognized class (client must provide course number at time of reservation) will not be considered the responsibility of the client in the event of unintentional damage or loss; however, a reasonable amount of care for the equipment is expected of the user.
  7. Equipment delivered by CTS staff to teaching spaces that are not normally scheduled by the Office of the Registrar becomes the responsibility of the client from the time of delivery through the time of equipment retrieval by CTS staff.
  8. Equipment checked out from the CTS office becomes the responsibility of the client until it is returned.
  9. Equipment permanently installed in campus classrooms and lecture halls will not be considered the responsibility of the user in the event of unintentional damage or loss; however, a reasonable amount of care for the equipment is expected of the user.
  10. Financial responsibility for any equipment (or any part/piece of equipment) that is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed while in the client's care will rest with the client. The amount of financial responsibility will be assessed on a "repair cost" or a "replacement cost" basis depending on the amount of damage or in the event of a total loss.
  11. CTS will coordinate with the client regarding financial responsibility details. CTS will recoup costs in a reasonable manner either by billing the client's department, or in the event that the client is a student, by billing their student account at the Office of the Bursar.

Projector Bulb Replacement Policy for Non-Classroom Spaces

CaTS Classroom Technology Support (CTS) will replace burned out projector bulbs in video projectors owned by Wright State University, such as meeting rooms, department owned labs, etc.

Contact Information
  • For Issues under the scope of this policy, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827.
Full Policy (Effective Date: June 1, 2013)
  1. CTS will replace projection bulbs in any Wright State University Main Campus owned space, either on campus or at remote locations associated with the Main Campus.
  2. CTS will maintain a stock of projection bulbs that are currently being used in electronic classrooms across campus.
  3. Any replacement projection bulbs that are not stocked by CTS will be the responsibility of the requesting department to maintain in stock or to order as needed.
  4. CTS will replace projection bulbs at no cost for the labor however, if a bulb from CTS stock is used in a private space, the requesting department will be billed for the cost of replacing the bulb. Prices will vary depending on the model of video projector being serviced. Departments must provide a FOAP for replacement lamp before work is performed.
  5. CTS will only use a replacement bulb from stock in a private space if this use does not hinder the availability of bulbs for classroom use.

CTS Late Fee Policy

CaTS Classroom Technology Support (CTS) will charge late fees on equipment checked out to a client that is returned past the return date indicated on the checkout agreement provided. CTS will not continue the CTL policy of charging $50 per day per item late fees.

Contact Information: 
CaTS Help Desk
025 Library Annex
Hourse of Operation

Full Policy (Effective Date: June 1, 2013)
  1. Equipment is due back by the date and time indicated on the WebCheckout Agreement form.
  2. An extension on the equipment checkout may be made by contacting CTS in advance if the extension does not interfere with pending reservations.
  3. Equipment that is not returned by 5:00pm on the date indicated on the WebCheckout Agreement form will be considered late.
  4. The following business day, CTS will attempt to contact the client by email and/or by phone. An email notification will also be sent to the client’s department requesting the return of CTS owned equipment.
  5. If the equipment is not yet returned by the 5:00pm on that day, it will be subject to a late fee.
  6. Beginning the second business day after the scheduled return date and time, a $10 per day late fee will be assessed per checkout item for this day and every business day following until the equipment is returned or the replacement cost of each piece of equipment is reached.
  7. An email will be sent to the client every day until the equipment is returned or a final fee amount is billed.
  8. Once the fines are established, CTS will send a notice to the department’s budget manager indicating the client’s name, checkout number, items checked out, original due date, and the total amount being billed.
  9. If equipment is returned incomplete or damaged, CTS will bill the client’s department for the cost of the repair or replacement.
  10. If a student incurs any late fees or repair/replacement fees, those fees will be charged to the student’s bill through the Office of the Bursar.
  11. By signing the WebCheckout Agreement form, you agree to these terms as stated.

Training Videos and Guides

Equipment Training Videos

CaTS has created five training videos to help you learn about equipment installed in the electronic classrooms. These videos are shown below. All training videos are also available on Wright State University's Video on Demand PEG Channel.

Classroom Technology Reference Guides

The documents below provide quick help and tips for using technology equipment in the classrooms. Please contact the CaTS Help Desk if you need further assistance with classroom technology.

Classroom Features and Photos

The Classroom Features & Photos webpage gives you information about all Registrar-scheduled classrooms, including equipment information and seating details, such as capacity and room layout. You’ll also find a pictures of the room, including the instructor station. You can use this resource when deciding upon your room preferences or to see the layout of the room you are scheduled to teach in.