Exception Request

Faculty or staff members may sometimes have a technology need or special request that falls outside of the policies set forth by CaTS. Some examples of these needs or requests include installation of unsupported software and network extensions, among others. If you are a faculty or staff member of Wright State University, and you believe you have a need that falls outside of our policies, you can request an exception from a current CaTS policy in order to accommodate that need. If you would like to request an exception, please fill out the form below with your information and a description of the need or request.

Upon receiving your request a representative from CaTS will contact you. In order to best meet your need we might ask for additional information and we might discuss other alternatives with you. In all cases, CaTS will conclude the process with one of the following four outcomes:

  1. The request is approved.
  2. You and CaTS agree to an alternative solution to your need.
  3. CaTS accepts the request (usually against CaTS' advice), and the requestor signs a disclaimer. See a copy of the disclaimer.
  4. CaTS forwards the request to the Provost for final decision.