2020 Classroom and Computer Lab Maintenance

All information is subject to change.

Please refer to Wright State's official COVID-19 Response page for classroom updates here: https://www.wright.edu/coronavirus/facilities.

On this page:

Classroom Upgrades

All classrooms and labs have been deep-cleaned and sanitized, and will be cleaned every night whenclasses are complete for the day. Protective keyboard coverings have been placed on the keyboards at all student and teaching workstations. If a keyboard cover is missing, please email the CaTS Help Desk at helpdesk@wright.edu, and it will be replaced within one business day. Please do NOT spray and disinfictant on the keyboard, mouse, monitor, or any other student or teaching station equipment. 

Cisco Camera Class Upgrades

CaTS has upgraded 35 Dayton campus classrooms to support faculty teaching a combination of in-person and remote classes simultaneously. These classrooms feature Cisco video equipment, including a camera in the back of the classroom to capture the instructor and/or the whiteboard as class is being taught, as well as a Cisco control panel mounted on the teaching workstation which allows the instructor to control the different camera views, the volume of remote students as they interact during class, and the ability to share class content. 

For more information, including which classrooms have been upgraded, please visit the In-Person/Remote Video Learning Classrooms page.

Training Options

If you would like to receive training on equipment installed in your classroom, email helpdesk@wright.edu and a CaTS training representative will respond.