Women's Center

Student Organizations

Black Women Striving Forward

The purpose of Black Women Striving Forward is to strengthen the relationship between women on campus. We strive to achieve academic excellence, promote personal and professional development, and cultural. Though the organization's primary focus is on the experience of black and African-American women, we encourage all the join and participate in our organization. 

For more information, contact: Savannah-rae Jackson, president

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA)

We are a feminist student organization aligned with the Feminist Majority Foundation, a national organization, that serves to advocate equality for women.


We strive:

  • To educate members of our institution about issues that oppress women.
  • To assist women in need in our community.
  • To develop new strategies that will promote equality between the sexes, as well as equality for under-represented people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, disabled, and transgender people.
  • To work toward the elimination of sexual violence against women on our campus, and beyond, and to bring about accountability to those who perpetrate these acts.

For more information, contact: Anna Stevens, president

Faculty Advisor: Taylr Ucker-Lauderman

Ohio Student Association (OSA)

The Ohio Student Association—Wright State chapter works together in an intergenerational movement for racial, social, economic, and educational justice led by young people. We engage in values-based issue and electoral organizing, nonviolent direct action, advocacy for progressive public policy, and leadership development.

For more information, contact: Elise Brown, president

Faculty Advisor: Taylr Ucker-Lauderman

Wright Parenting

Wright Parenting encourages parents to pursue higher education opportunities, promotes and hosts events and activities for the parents of Wright State University and their children, as well as to act as an advocacy group for the parents in the Wright State community. We also provide a trusting and supportive environment where parents can come for resources, help, and advice.