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Gender Equity Fellow

We welcome applications for the Gender Equity Research Fellowship Program which goes to one faculty member and one staff member per year. The mission of the fellowship is to support and advance academics and practitioner-scholars in their intersectional, gender-related research.

Stipend Amount

$1,000 for a faculty member and $1,000 for a staff member.


The Gender Equity Fellows participate in events and programs at the Women’s Center, as well as other gender-centered programming across campus. Fellows will also work actively toward the completion of their research or project and will present their work to the campus community.


Submit each of the following to Nicole Carter, Ph.D. at nicole.carter@wright.edu.

  1. A curriculum vitae or resume with current email address and phone number.
  2. A cover letter with a description of the ongoing project including the background, nature, importance, specific objectives, and methodology of the project, no longer than five pages.
  3. One letter of recommendation addressed to the Gender Equity Research Fellowship selection committee.

Selection Process

A selection committee of faculty and staff will review applications.

HERS Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration

Wright State University is committed to the success of women administrators and faculty. Through the vision and support of the president's office, we have sent more than twenty-six candidates to the HERS Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration since 1986. This prestigious and competitive nomination is an excellent professional development opportunity for faculty and staff who are preparing for increased administrative responsibilities.

The summer institute is a residential program that offers women administrators and faculty intensive training in education administration. The Institute is composed of five curricular units that provide participants with a comprehensive and diverse perspectives on current issues in higher education. The Institute places emphasis on the internationalization of higher education and the growing diversity of the student body and workforce.

The purpose of the summer institute is to improve the status of women in the middle and executive levels of higher education administration, areas in which women traditionally have been under-represented. The unique aspect of the institute is its commitment to the development of a professional network of skilled women administrators ready to be mutually supportive and to work cooperatively to enlarge the professional opportunities for women in higher education.