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Substance Abuse

College campuses have become a common place for partying and engaging in alcohol and drug use. But for some students, what starts as a social event can turn into full-fledged abuse of a substance through dependency and repeated use.

Students may not believe, or refuse to admit, they’ve become addicted to a substance due to the pervasive drug and alcohol use and abuse on college campuses. However, if you are concerned, there are ways to determine the issue.

  • Does you drink to relieve stress, suppress, or cope with emotions?
  • Has drinking or drug use interfered with relationships with others?
  • Are you withdrawn from activities or school?
  • Is daily life revolving around drug or alcohol use?
  • Has there been a personality change?
  • Are friends or family members expressing concern?
  • Has alcohol or drug use gotten you into trouble with the law or school?


  • Drug and alcohol abusers often conceal their symptoms or downplay it, so it’s important to notice the warning signs. If you believe you have an addiction or are abusing a substance, contact your counseling and wellness services (CWS) to find out what your options for treatment are on campus.
  • The increased pressure and stress of school and leaving home may lead to mental health problems among college students and a greater need for campus services. Counseling and Wellness Services offers wellness checklists as well as online mental health screenings for students in need of determining if they have a particular disorder. Therapy of all modalities and/or psychological assessment are available to Wright State University students. For more information please visit
Substance Abuse in College Students