In the Zone

Listening Skills

Listening effectively is the first step in digesting useful information while in class.  Although we listen to something every day, listening effectively is something that very few of us do.  It is important to develop ways to consistently make you an effective listener.

  • Prepare

Complete reading assignments and all other homework before class. Arrive a few minutes early, and then review your notes.

  • Minimize distractions

Sit where you can see well and won’t be distracted by classmates.

  • Concentrate

Set aside other concerns so you may devote full attention to the lecture

  • Keep an open mind

Listen for content; don’t make judgments during the lecture or let personal opinions about the instructor interfere with listening.

  • Ask Questions

Clarify points you don’t understand by asking questions. The speaker will typically rephrase the information.

  • Request information be repeated

If you miss a part of the lecture, ask the speaker to repeat the information.

  • Ask for definitions

If you don’t understand a word, have the speaker define it. Ask the speaker to write the word on the board so you can see it.

  • Be active

Be attentive by looking at the speaker and take notes on what is being said.