In the Zone

Career Interest

Career and Vocational

  • Career and vocational interests should not be something that you think about the last semester of your senior year. Defining your career interests and aspirations early in your college experience can help you take advantage of the wide ranging opportunities offered to you at WSU. Raider Career Central offers a variety of services for students.  Some of these services are specifically designed to help students early in their college experiences as they work to decide on their interests, strengths, and abilities.

Career Interests…where to begin?

Know Yourself

  • A good career decision can only be made when you take inventory and become aware of your personal style, identify your interests and skills, and acknowledge your work values.  Without these pieces of the puzzle, a career decision is not grounded or based on criteria that matters to you.


  • What are the occupations and career fields that provide the best blend of your unique style, interests, skills, and values?  The goal in this step is to identify possible career options that match your criteria for job satisfaction and those which offer no fit.  In this step, books and computer programs can provide knowledge about career fields, so comparisons between occupational characteristics and personal characteristic can be made.


  • Talk with people in the field, observe them working, or work in the field as an intern, co-op student, part-time, or temporary worker or take classes to learn more about the career.   Add the third dimension to your career decision.  How is the fit?  This may be a time to reposition yourself on the stairway.  As possible career choices are eliminated, others may need to be identified, requiring a step back.

Make a Decision

  • By investigating possible career choices, you have identified options that meet your selection criteria.  Now is the time to evaluate and select career options that best meet the majority of your criteria. Develop a map or plan that will help you reach your career goals.  Follow your map.