Our Compensation System

Wright State offers competitive levels of compensation to attract and retain effective, committed employees. The university’s compensation policy emphasizes that salaries for unclassified positions will be determined within pay ranges competitive to the recruitment market.  

The university believes that most unclassified staff members have meritorious job performance and that salary increases should recognize their accomplishments while remaining competitive with other Ohio public universities. Pay increases for non-bargaining unit employees are normally granted once a year. Pay increases are not available to those who fail to meet minimum performance standards.

Visit the Unclassified Staff Salary Schedule webpage to view the current schedule.

Work Schedules

The standard work schedule for full-time unclassified employees is a five-day, approximately 40-hour week. However, a number of departments may vary this schedule because of university and departmental requirements.
Unclassified employees should follow the established work schedules, recognizing, however, that departmental demands may require that you work more than a 40-hour workweek. Unclassified employees are exempt from the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and do not receive pay or earn compensatory time for overtime worked.

Paid Release Time

The University values the continuing education, training and development of its workforce, and the active participation of its employees in campus meetings and events. To that end, when possible you will be allowed paid release time to be engaged in such development opportunities. Supervisors are encouraged to use their discretion to be flexible with employee scheduling so that employees can participate.

A department's need for productivity and appropriate staffing, as well as an employee's record of attendance, are some, but not all of the criteria that will be considered in the decision to grant paid release time opportunities.


Unclassified staff are paid monthly, on the last working day of the month. Pay Remittance Advices are available for viewing one day prior to pay day. Access is available from Wright OnLine (WOL). This is a secured, encrypted website that can be accessed from the Faculty and Staff Web page ( Instructions for accessing and navigating the website may be obtained from webpage Direct deposit of pay earned is mandatory. Your pay will be deposited directly to the bank, savings and loan, or credit union of your choice. Your pay adviceshowing your deductions, sick leave and vacation balancesis available online. It should be noted that leave balances reflect accruals through the current month, but only reflect usage through the prior month.

Medicare Payroll Tax

Although most Wright State employees are exempt from paying social security taxes, employees hired after April 1, 1986 are required to make a Medicare contribution on their Wright State earnings.

Holiday Pay

Full-time employees receive eight (8) hours of holiday pay for each holiday; part-time employees receive holiday pay equal to the number of hours they would normally have been scheduled to work on that day.