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Competitive Search using Search Firm

Search firms are typically used for recruiting senior level administrators to Wright State University. Most often position titles are at the executive director level and above (associate dean, dean, associate vice president, vice president, etc.)


  1. Once a vacancy or new position is created, a statement of prior approval from an appointing authority (dean, provost) is made to use a search firm
  2. University administration designates a search committee chair
  3. Contact HR Employment for approved vendors via the IUC Purchasing Collaborative or prior vendors used by Wright State
  4. Expect payment to the external search firm to be approximately one-third the first year’s compensation for the selected candidate. This includes annual salary plus any sign-on bonus.
  5. Search committee chair and/or committee works with search firm associate and HR to create a job description, job announcement, etc.
  6. Search firm meets with HR to discuss university’s affirmative action/diversity goals and values/culture insights
  7. Job description/announcement is sent to president and/or provost’s office for approval
  8. After approval, HR Employment (HR) enters the position into PeopleAdmin and obtains appropriate approvals via PeopleAdmin (budget office, etc.)
  9. HR posts the positions, which directs all individuals who wished to be considered to apply via PeopleAdmin
  10. HR contacts the search firm associate to inform them that the search has been posted
  11. HR and search firm associate agree on who will be responsible for placing which ads
  1. The search firm associate posts the position on his/her company website and directs individuals who wish to be considered to apply via PeopleAdmin
    1. Individuals who would like more information about the position, but are not ready to commit to applying, are directed to contact the search firm associate, but must apply via PeopleAdmin if they decide that they wish to be considered for the position
    2. If the search firm associate reaches out to a person and the person indicates that they wish to be officially considered
  2. All applications are collected via PeopleAdmin
    1. The search firm associate and search committee chair and members will be given guest user access to the posting to review all applications
    2. The search committee chair designates a person who will have originator status, which allows for applicant status (disposition code) updates and interview recommendations
  3. Interview recommendations are submitted  
  4. Interviews are conducted
  5. A hiring proposal is submitted via PeopleAdmin

IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone receives a records request (Ohio Public Records Request, FOIA or any other type) for a search handled by a search firm, they should contact the Office of the General Counsel. Only the Office of the General Counsel should respond to such a request. If a media outlet requests information, the Office of the General Counsel and the Director of Communications should be notified. No one other than the General Counsel and Director of Communications should provide any information to the media or answer any questions at all related to any part of the search.