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Budgeting Basics:  Financial Wellness is Within Reach!

Ever wonder where all your money goes? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to take the money fights out of your marriage? Maybe you just have that nagging feeling that you could be handling your finances better. Most of us know what we should be doing – saving more money, spending less on credit – but we don't always know how to implement a plan to move towards financial wellness. A personal monthly budget is the tool that will bring order out of financial chaos.


Eat Your Way to Better Health!

The food we eat has a bigger impact on our health than almost any other factor. Yet in today's environment of minimal time and super-sized portions—and with conflicting reports about what is and is not healthy—many of us struggle to get the nutrients we need to thrive. During this session, we'll take the guesswork out of healthy eating and provide simple, sustainable strategies that can be incorporated into even the busiest lifestyles. Whatever your health-related goals might be, this session will empower you with resources and information to help you lead the longest and healthiest life possible.


Workplace Differences:  A Matter of Style

Everyone has a different style of learning, working, and communicating, and one style is not necessarily better than another - just different. In this session, participants will discover; their personal learning/communication style, how their own style affects learning and communication for everyone in the workplace, how understanding and considering the learning and communication styles of others can prevent tension, misunderstanding and stress in the workplace, and how to maximize your own personal style.


The Thriving Family:  A parent’s guide to raising resilient kids

As parents, we all want the best for our children. With the best of intentions, we devote our lives to creating a family foundation that nurtures and protects them. But along the way, as we witness our children experiencing the inevitable challenges of life, our own expectations and vulnerabilities can interfere with their developing brain. How do we avoid this? How can we feel confident that our beliefs and behaviors are providing the best foundation for our children to overcome the difficulties of life so they can truly flourish and succeed? Join us in this webinar as we explore the complexities of our role as parents, our relationship with our individual children, and the evidence- based approaches to foster resilience.


Painless Estate Planning

Less than half of Americans have a will, but everyone needs one. Join us to learn the simple steps you need to take to create a basic estate plan. We will cover the few basic documents that can save you and your family loads of aggravation and unnecessary expense.


Minimizing Worry to Maximize Your Life

Are you a worrywart? Nineteen million Americans are chronic worriers and 38 percent report worrying every day. We all worry at times, but if you constantly stress over everything in your life you may be developing a chronic worry habit. This can lead to physical and mental health difficulties including stress-related illnesses, generalized anxiety disorder and depression. In this webinar, we will assist you in analyzing the root cause of worry, and strategies to break the cycle of worry.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter - are they good or bad? Utilized correctly these can be wonderful business tools. Utilized incorrectly, they can kill a career. We will discuss effective utilization of these powerful tools, as well as cautions for inappropriate use.


Managing Negative People

Negativity in one employee can spread, affecting the climate of the entire workplace and increasing the emotional burden of your job. While managing negative people is tough, there are methods which enable you to keep your cool, defuse employee negativity, and create a positive culture in your workplace.


Legal and Financial Aspects of Eldercare

One of the most stressful aspects of caregiving is managing your loved one's financial obligations, the cost of caregiving and living expenses, and understanding the financial nuances of Medicare and Medicaid. In this session, we will discuss these important issues and participants will walk away with resources to assist them in this often-confusing process.


Investing 101

Do you want to invest but don't know where to get started? This webinar will help you understand what investing is, what it means, and how the "miracle" of compounding works. It will also cover some of the building blocks of investing and provide some insights into techniques with the goal of helping you think about which investing strategies are right for you.


Five Generations in One Workplace

Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z... all with different work styles and expectations! Join us to better understand each generation and learn how to maximize the fabulous advantages of these generations working in tandem.


Mindfulness in the Workplace

In the last decade, research supporting the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace has soared. Mindfulness has been shown to protect us against anxiety, stress, and depression. It improves performance and decision making, and it promotes learning, attention, and self-control. But how does this all work exactly? How and why should one, in the midst of their extremely busy workday, pause to make time for a touchy-feely fad like mindfulness? Join us in this webinar where we learn the science behind this practice and discover the very practical mindfulness strategies that can increase your overall success in the workplace.