When considering the Faculty Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program, be sure to:

  • Read this guide and the other materials in your decision packet.
  • Participate in virtual education session(s) to learn more and get your questions answered. Details of the sessions will be available on the HR website.
  • Contact STRS or ARP representatives for pertinent and relevant details about your retirement.
  • Consider seeking the advice of your financial, tax, and/or legal advisor before making a final decision. By law, the university can only provide factual information and can not give any advice.
  • If applicable, you may wish to contact the Social Security Administration to be fully aware of your Social Security and Medicare retirement benefits and when benefits begin.
  • Sign and return your election materials to HR no later than the end of the election window, which is 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.
  • An HR representative will sign and stamp your application acknowledging receipt. You will be provided a copy.
  • Finalize your retirement timely with STRS or ARP.
  • Inform your Dean of your decision and work with your department to transition your responsibilities to other faculty members in advance of your separation date.
  • Complete a Separation Clearance Form located at to ensure timeliness of sick and/or vacation payouts according to the university Employee Separation policy (8180).
  • Join the WSU Retiree Association!  

This information provides details of the Faculty Voluntary Retirement Incentive Program available from Wright State University. More complete information about the offer can be found in the official plan documents.  If there are any differences between this information and the official plan documents, the official plan documents shall govern.