Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Handbook

II. Responsibilities

Graduate School

The Graduate School is responsible for determining that all deposit copies conform to the requirements set forth in this handbook. The Graduate School reserves the right to refuse, for final deposit, any thesis that does not meet these requirements. Your final copy must be approved and signed by the Dean of the Graduate School before your degree will be posted to your academic record.

Departments and Programs

Departments and programs are responsible for developing and enforcing the procedures and regulations guiding the process of writing and approving a thesis, and for establishing matters of format and style not prescribed by this handbook. They are also responsible for making these procedures and regulations known to you. The signatures of your thesis committee members on the approval sheet certify that the content of your thesis meets an acceptable standard of scholarship and reflects a level of research, originality, and writing style appropriate for master's and doctoral candidates. In addition, the signature of the department chair/program director verifies that you have successfully passed the oral defense of the thesis and that the format is acceptable to the department/program. It is the department's responsibility to ensure that all committee members have appropriate graduate faculty status.


The student is responsible for following all of the procedures and regulations governing the preparation of an approved thesis, including the standards and requirements of the department or program and the Graduate School as outlined in this handbook. You have the ultimate responsibility for the content, scholarship, and style of your thesis, and for maintaining a high standard of written expression. If you need editorial assistance, you are responsible for securing it. Your thesis director and advisory committee members will work with you on thesis content and scholarship standards. While they may also help you in the composition and construction of the thesis document itself, please remember that proofreading and other editorial chores are not the duty of your thesis advisors. You are responsible for making any corrections and/or additions as required by the thesis director, the thesis committee, and the Graduate School. Submission and retrieval of thesis format check documents at the Graduate School, as well as mailing costs, when necessary, are also student responsibilities.