Graduate Thesis and Dissertation Handbook

IV. Preparation of the Manuscript


All pages are to have approximately 1 1/2" margins on the left, and approximately 1" margins on the right, bottom, and top. The only exception is that the first page of a chapter or section must have an approximate 2" margin at the top (see Appendices A through M). Supplementary materials (printouts, tables, photographs, questionnaires, etc.) must also meet these margin requirements.


The general text must be double-spaced. The spacing of long quotations, footnotes, tables, bibliographies, captions, etc., should conform to the specifications of this handbook, the style manual adopted by the student's department/program, or to Turabian. Spacing must be consistent throughout. See Appendix G for an example of the recommended layout and spacing for chapter titles, subheadings, etc.


Preliminary pages. The pages preceding the text (e.g., abstract, table of contents, dedication, etc.) are to be numbered in lower case Roman numerals (i.e., iii, iv, xi, etc.; see Appendices C, D, E, and F) and centered five lines (or, approximately 3/4") above the bottom of the page. The title page and the approval sheet are counted as preliminary pages, but they are not to be numbered. Preliminary pages are numbered consecutively, beginning with "iii" on the first page of the abstract. If, however, a copyright page is used, then the numbering begins with "iv" on the first page of the abstract.

Text and reference pages. Starting with the first page of the text, or body of the thesis, the remaining pages of the thesis (including the bibliography and appendices) are numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (i.e., 1, 2, 3, etc.), starting with page number 1 on the first page of the text. Numbers on the first page of a chapter or a section are to be centered five lines (or, approximately 3/4") above the bottom of the page. All succeeding numbers in the chapter or section are to be typed in the upper right hand corner, five lines (or, approximately 3/4") below the top edge of the page and 3/4" to 1" from the right side of the page. As an option, page numbers may be placed five lines (or, approximately 3/4") above the bottom of the page (and centered) on all pages. Do not use punctuation marks before or after page numbers, do not use the word "page" with the number, and do not underline the page numbers (see Appendix G for examples of this requirement).

Sample Pages (Appendices A through M)

The following appendices are taken from parts of several theses submitted and approved by the Graduate School. You should view these samples as guidelines to the appropriate style and format for your thesis. Appendices A through F and K through M are samples of a standardized Wright State University format which should be followed, in all particulars, when preparing your thesis. The text of your thesis should conform to the Sample Format for Text (Appendix G) in terms of pagination, spacing, and structure. The appendices and bibliography (or references) should conform to the samples at Appendices H, I, and J. Footnoting and the displaying of tables and figures may vary, depending on the style manual used or recommended by your department or program (e.g., Turabian, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.).

Thesis sample

Dissertation sample