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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

October 28, 2002


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, J. Belcher, G. Bernhardt, J. Brandeberry, A. Burton, A. Chamberlain, D. Cole, J. Coleman, B. Farmer, J. Flach, J. Gomez-Cambronero,
M. Kazimierczuk, I. Leffak, S. McConnell, D. Miller, D. Orenstein, C. Phillips, L. Ream,
J. Rudisill, E. Self, J. Talbott, J. Thomas (Chair), M. Wheatly

Non-voting alternates present were: G. Malicki, B. Mathies, T. McKee, C. Ryan, L. Winfrey

Non-voting attendees were: S. Foster, J. Kimble, J. McAlearney, J. Sayer, R. Schuster, W. Sellers

II. It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the May 13, 2002 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Election of Secretary

It was moved and seconded that David Orenstein be appointed secretary of the Graduate Council for
2002-03. Motion carried unanimously.

IV.   Report of the Dean (J. Thomas)

The three standing committees of the Graduate Council are: Policies Committee (C. Ryan, chair); Membership Committee (R. Grubbs, chair); and Student Affairs Committee (committee has yet to meet for academic year 2002-03).

The Fall, 2002 enrollment report indicates an increase of over twelve percent in both total headcount and graduate credit hours (GCH) (3,616 total headcount, an increase of395 students, and 22,338 GCH, an increase of2,445 GCH).

Graduate Student Support: Of the l ,565 full-time graduate students, 543 are graduate assistants, nine are Graduate Council Scholars, and 181 receive Graduate Tuition Scholarships (only). Of the 543 graduate assistantships, 330 are university-funded, 158 are grant funded, and 56 are split between grant and university funded. Graduate Council Scholars receive a tuition remission and a $12,000 yearly stipend
(a $2,000/year increase since the inception of the program). Presently, there are five students in their first year of the program and four students in their second year of the program.

The seventh annual Thesis/Dissertation Preparation Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2002. Students and faculty members are invited.
J. Sayer, Faculty President, reported on several Faculty Senate issues and current topics:

a.  The Senate Executive Committee has appointed Dean Thomas as Chair of Graduate Council for 2002-03 per the new Faculty Constitution.

b.  The Senate, at its October meeting, approved the new General Education  program to begin
Fall Quarter, 2003.

c.  Also beginning Fall Quarter, 2003, there will be a new classroom schedule arranged to provide four class hours per week for four credit hour courses.  The schedule begins at 8:30a.m. each

d.  An intensive study of the effectiveness  of the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program (now in its seventh year) is underway and a report should be forthcoming  by the end of Winter Quarter, 2003.

e.  The search has started for a new WSU Provost; the chair of the search committee is
G. Bernhardt. V. Committee Reports
•  Policies Committee (C. Ryan)

a.  The Policies Committee approved a Program Development Plan for a Master of Public Health, developed by the Division of Health Systems Management in the Department of Community  Health.
L. Winfrey requested that a representative from the School of Professional Psychology  be added to the
advisory committee for program development.   This was agreed to by the program director.  It was moved and seconded that the Program Development  Plan be approved; the motion passed unanimously.  The Senate and WSU Trustees will be informed, and the Program Development  Plan will be sent to the OBR for review by RACGS.

b. The Policies Committee approved a proposal for a graduate certificate program in Health Care Management,  proposed jointly by the Raj Soin College of Business and the School of Medicine. Following discussion, it was moved and seconded that the proposal be approved by the Council; the motion passed unanimously.

c.  The Policies Committee also approved a proposal for a graduate certificate program in School Nursing. It was moved and seconded that the proposal for this new certificate be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

d.  The Policies Committee approved a modification  to the Course Repeat Policy.  The modification changes the ability of a student to request a course repeat grade (which cancels the previous grade) if the previous grade was issued as a sanction due to a violation of the University Academic Integrity Policy. (The student can retake the course, but not as a repeat; the new grade will be averaged into the graduate GPA.)  It was moved and seconded that the change to the policy be approved; motion passed unanimously.
•  Membership Committee (A. Chamberlain)

The Committee brought forward one nomination for full graduate faculty membership and one nomination for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The full member nominee is:

Michael Raymer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering and
Computer Science

The adjunct full member nominee is:

Joseph Shang, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, College of Engineering and
Computer Science

It was moved and seconded that the nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously. VI.     Research Report (W. Sellers)
There were 537 external awards for 2002-03 totaling approximately $41 million, which is down from the previous two years. However, awards for the current year exceed last year at this time. For 2002-03, the School of Medicine led the campus in the number of awards received (118), and with a total award amount exceeding $17 million.

The Research Challenge Early Start/Augmentation competition is ongoing and the Research Challenge Major Collaboration Grant competition will again be conducted during Winter Quarter. The Research Council Research Incentive Program will also be offered during Winter Quarter.

Vll.     Old Business (J. Thomas)

The Graduate Council approved the Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) initiative for WSU in fall
1999 and the first WSU ETD's were submitted to OhioLINK in 2000. WSU began well, but participation
has declined since then. At present, there are seven WSU ETD's on deposit with OhioLINK. J. Thomas
asked the Council members to encourage faculty and students in their colleges to consider submitting theses and dissertations in the ETD format, in an effort to promote the sharing and dissemination of WSU scholarship through this new medium. As participation increases, facility and training needs will become clearer. At some point in the future, a policy requiring mandatory ETD submission will be initiated.

Vlll.     New Business (J. Thomas)

The university committee for Strategic Planning has been formed and R. Sweeney, RSCoB, has been appointed chair. The School of Graduate Studies and Research and Sponsored Programs will develop unit plans. The Policies Committee will be asked to serve as the sounding board for graduate matters. M. Wheatly stated that the colleges could input their strategic planning items that involve graduate education and/or graduate programs to J. Thomas for coordination.
IX.     There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:20p.m.

David Orenstein
Secretary, Graduate Council