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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

November 8, 2010


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, L. Caron, A. Chamberlain, D. Cipollini, R. Dodge, K. Engisch, B. Fowler, A. Goshtasby, C. Harris, L. Hong, A. Hsu (chair), L. James, J. Lieh, M. Mamrack, P. Martin, L. Ream, C. Ryan, J. Runkle, E. Self, C. Taylor, T. Tarpey, L. VandeCreek, S. Watamaniuk, R. Williams, E. Wolf

Non-voting members, alternates and other attendees were: B. Ayres, C. Brun, R. Carlsen, L. Douglas, E. Gilles (scribe), J. Lindsey, J. Petrick, J. Tomlin

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the October 18, 2010 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Dean (A. Hsu)

a. Format of the meeting – Will follow Robert’s Rules. Some changes are taking place now even though the original plan was to wait one year before enacting changes, i.e., transfer of responsibilities from the Administration to the Committees and from the Committees to the Graduate Council.

b. Parliamentarian – According to Robert’s Rule, the Chair can appoint a consultant to the Chair and to the Body known as the Parliamentarian. Dr. Hsu appointed Dr. Bill Ayres.

c. Graduate Council Meeting Dates - Regular meetings: Oct. 18, 2010, Feb. 28, 2011, and April 18, 2010. Additional meetings dates (to be used as needed): Nov. 8, 2010, March 14, 2011, and May 23, 2011.

d. Graduate Open House – Took place on Wed. Nov. 3, 2010. 327 attended, 187 applied. This is a 26% drop in attendance from the record high of 443 last year. The same amount of advertising was used and the weather was good; the economy may be partly to blame for the lower attendance. Regardless, the event is a good investment. On average, about 70 applicants become students which leads to $792,000/year

e. Faculty Constitution – The Quadrennial Review Committee approved the changes to the portion of the Constitution involving the Graduate Council. It will be presented to the Faculty Senate on Nov. 15 as new business and will be voted upon in January. It will then go to the Provost and on to the Board of Trustees.

IV. Policies and Procedures (B. Ayres)

a. Graduate Council Policies and Procedures Manual – Core Principle 1: Faculty control over curriculum. Core Principle 2: Graduate Council holds the legislative power, Graduate School holds executive power. Major Change 1: Adding curriculum committees. (Currently, curriculum matters go through Policies Committee; now those issues would go through two curriculum committees.) Major Change 2: Electing Grad Council members from colleges and clarifying Grad Council membership. (Additions to the manual include a process for elections with Full or Associate Graduate Faculty members voting for new members and the identification of ex-officio non-voting members.) Major Change 3: Clarifying authority of Grad Council and Graduate School. (In the past, the Policies Committee approved new policies and would bring the change before the Grad Council as information only. Now, the Policies Committee would make a recommendation to the Graduate Council for proposed policy changes and the Grad Council would take action.)

Discussion: Several Graduate Council members expressed their disapproval of some of these changes. One concern is the move of the Deans and Ph.D. Directors to ex-officio non-voting members. Why? This change is related to the Faculty Senate’s concern that the Graduate Council is composed of too many administrative figures. The Senate wants more faculty representation. The suggested changes are the alternative solution to the Faculty Senate’s proposal of a Graduate Curriculum Committee that would make all curriculum decisions. Dr. Mamrack motioned that the Graduate Council ask the Quadrennial Review Committee to hold/delay the presentation of the new Faculty Constitution to the Faculty Senate and send the proposal back to the Graduate Council for further revisions. Dr. Goshtasby seconded. Vote: All in favor. The motion passed unanimously.

b. School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures Manual - Core Principle: Policies determined by Grad Council, Procedures to implement policies written by Grad Council. Change 1: Quarters to semesters conversion. Change 2: Bringing procedures up to date with what we actually do. Change 3: Putting decisions in the hands of programs for issues that are internal.

Discussion: Need to include academic dismissal policy (currently, <3.0 gpa) and change to Graduate Tuition Scholarships (enacted last year).

Dr. Taylor motioned that the Graduate Council refer these two documents (Policies and Procedures for Graduate Council and for School of Graduate Studies) and the new Faculty Constitution back to the Policies Committee for revision. Input should be provided to the Policies Committee chairman, Dr. Larry Ream, to Dean Hsu, or to the Dean’s assistant, Erika Gilles. The Policies Committee could then bring these three documents back to the Graduate Council as Old Business. Dr. Alter seconded. Vote: All in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

V.Committee Reports

a. Policies Committee (L. Ream)

1. Consistency of name usage for the School of Graduate Studies

   i. Name recognition, internet search by prospective students, effectiveness and efficiency in marketing. Currently, the name of “Graduate School” and “School of Graduate Studies” are used interchangeably in documents and communications.

   ii. Comparison with Big Ten Graduate Schools (all use “Graduate School” or “Graduate College”), Ivy League (all use “Graduate School”), and several other Ohio schools use “Graduate School/College.”

   iii. Google search volume index and news reference volume – “Graduate School” clearly used more

On behalf of the Policies Committee, Dr. Ream motioned that the Graduate Council support an official name change of Graduate School in place of School of Graduate Studies. Dr. VandeCreek seconded.

Discussion: What is the extent of change? Would it include changing all internal documents, letterhead, signs, telephone directory? Just for advertising purposes?

Dr. Mamrack motioned that the motion of the Policies Committee be tabled and brought back as Old Business after members obtain feedback from their colleges. Dr. Caron seconded. Vote: 10 in favor, 7 opposed. Motion passed.

2. Approval of Master of Arts in Social Work Program Development Plan – Dr. Ream reported that additions were made to the PDP as requested by the Policies Committee. On behalf of the Policies Committee, Dr. Ream motioned to approve the Program Development Plan for a Master of Arts in Social Work. Dr. VandeCreek seconded.

Discussion revealed one concern – Has a study been done to determine if this program will negatively impact the CEHS MS Counseling program? Dr. C. Brun said that there has not been a study done. The past 5 years’ experience indicates that there is interest for both programs. Vote: All in favor but one. Motion passed.

3. Approval of Doctor of Education in Organizational Studies Program Development Plan – Dr. Ream reported that the Policies Committee reviewed this PDP earlier in the week and made some recommendations. The modifications were made. On behalf of the Policies Committee, Dr. Larry Ream motioned to approve the Program Development Plan for the Doctor of Education in Organizational Studies.

Discussion: Dr. C. Ryan gave an overview of the PDP process and review by 15 other State universities. This PDP has been in development for 4 years and at this point he would like to have the Graduate Council’s general support. Vote: All in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

b. Membership Committee (J. Petrick) - The Membership Committee recommended three (3) new nominees who met the standards for full graduate faculty status and two (2) who met the standards for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.
The full graduate faculty nominees are:
Saber Hussain Pharmacology & Toxicology / BSoM
Bradley Jacobs Internal Medicine / BSoM
Noeleen McIlvenna History / CoLA
The adjunct full graduate faculty nominees are:
Dan Abrahamowicz Educational Leadership / CEHS
Yao Ma Electrical Engineering / CECS
On behalf of the Membership Committee, Dr. Petrick motioned that the nominees for both full and adjunct full graduate faculty status be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Graduate Student Advisory Board (L. Douglas)

Lisa Douglas introduced herself as the co-chair of the Graduate Student Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is in the process of creating a graduate student organization: a Graduate Student Assembly. Their goal is to improve the graduate community on campus.

VII. Old Business
No old business was brought forward.

VIII. New Business

IX. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.