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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

May 13, 2002


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Voting  members and alternates present  were:  G. Bernhardt, N. Bourbakis, C. Carney, D. Cole, J. Coleman, D. Curry, B. Farmer, R. Grubbs, M. Kazimierczuk, R. Koerker, P. Martin,
S. McConnell, T. McKee, D. Miller, S. Narayanan,  S. Nelson, D. Orenstein,  J. Ovington,
L. Ream, D. Steele-Johnson, J. Thomas, L. Winfrey

Non-voting alternates present  were: C. Ryan

Non-voting attendees were: J. Kimble, G. Malicki, V. Nehring,  W. Sellers, P. Walker

II. It was moved and seconded  that the minutes of the February  25, 2002 meeting be approved  as written.   Motion carried unanimously.

Ill. Report  of the Dean (J. Thomas)

The Spring, 2002 enrollment  report  indicates an increase in total headcount  of over five percent and an increase in graduate credit  hours of over five percent.

The Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program was given fmal approval by the OBR on April 18,

The Faculty Senate approved two certificate  programs,  Museum  Studies  and Archive
Administration and Records  Management, on May 6, 2002.
The annual Student  Excellence  Awards  Program is scheduled  for Wednesday,  May 22, 2002, at
5:00PM.  Thirty-four nominated  students and six Graduate Council Scholars will be honored.

IV. Cornnrittee Reports

•  Policies Committee (C. Ryan)

a.  The Policies Cornnrittee recommended changes to the Graduate Council policy regarding associate graduate  faculty.  The new language  will allow associate  graduate faculty to chair a master's cornnrittee with prior approval from the program director and Dean, School of Graduate Studies. It was moved and seconded  that the changes be approved. The motion passed unanimously.
b.  The Policies Committee approved a proposal for a Certificate in Nursing Education.  It was moved and seconded that the proposal be approved; motion passed unanimously.

•  Membership Committee (R.Grubbs)

The Committee brought forward five nominations for filii graduate faculty membership and one nomination for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The five full member nominees are:

Don Cipollini Eric Fossum Corey Miller Gail Moddeman
Thomas Van't Hof
Bio Sci/CoS&M Chem/CoS&M Psych/CoS&M Nurs/CoN&H Bio Sci/CoS&M

The adjunct full member nominee is:

Mary Anne Frey     Comm Health/SoM

It was moved and seconded that the nominees be approved.  The motion passed unanimously.

• Student Affairs Committee (J. Thomas)

Two students, fi·om the Chemistry program and Human Factors/Industrial Organizational Psychology program, were selected for the Graduate Council Scholars program using the accelerated selection process.  Both have accepted.  Three additional offers were recommended by the committee and are currently in progress.  It is anticipated that a total of five scholars will be selected for the program this year.  The program includes a $12,000 stipend and tuition remission for up to two years.

V. Research Report (W. Sellers)

The dollar amount of grants and contracts awarded decreased in comparison to the same period last year.  However, the number of awards has increased in comparison to the same period last year.  Additionally, the amounts awarded has increased in five of the colleges.

The Research Challenge Major Collaboration Grant Program resulted in five awards totaling
$322,000.  This was the first competition for this new program.

The competitions for the Research Council Research Incentive Program were recently completed. The Professional Development component yielded nine awards totaling $22,194; the Research Initiation component yielded six awards totaling $47,850.

VI.     Faculty Constitution (V. Nehring)

Faculty President  Virginia Nehring  presented  an overview of the changes  in the Faculty
Constitution passed  by the Faculty Senate on May 6, 2002.

Changes  that will have a direct  impact on the Graduate Council  include the following: The Chair of Graduate Council will be appointed  by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee fiom among the members of Graduate Council.  The Chair will report to the Faculty Senate on actions of the
Graduate Council at least quarterly.  Research  Council will be deleted fi'om mention in the Faculty
Constitution, and will continue as a committee ofthe Graduate Council.

President  Nehring urged all to attend  the spring quarter  General Faculty  Meeting on May 14 to vote on these changes as a quorum of I 00 faculty members is required  to act on the changes. (The quorum  was achieved  and the changes  to the Faculty Constitution were approved.)

VII.  There  being no further  business, the meeting was adjourned  at 3:20 p.m. Submitted  by
David Orenstein
Secretary, Graduate Council