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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

May 10, 2004


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, J. Belcher, K. Bennett, J. Brandeberry,
A. Chamberlain, B. Farmer, R. Grubbs, B. Jung, H. Klein, M. Leffak, K. Malloy, P. Martin,
S. McConnell, T. McKee, M. McLellan, S. Nelson, J. Rudisill, C. Ryan, E. Self, T. Sudkamp, J. Talbott, J. Thomas (Chair), S. Thomas, J. Turchi, P. Vermeersch

Non-voting alternates present were: L. Winfrey

Non-voting attendees were: F. Ainina, S. Foster, E. Friese, A. Johnson, J. Kimble, N. Klingbeil,
M. Sirkin

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the February 16, 2004 meeting be approved with new graduate courses approved from the period of September 1, 2003 through February 16, 2004 listed as an addendum. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Dean (J. Thomas)

The Spring 2004 enrollment report indicates an increase of 136 in graduate headcount (excluding School of Medicine) and 1,715 in graduate credit hours (excluding School of Medicine and School of Professional Psychology) compared to Spring 2003.

Graduate student support????
???of the total, approximately 195 are grant funded; approximately 130 receive tuition fellowships

The Master of Public Health program was approved by RACGS at the November 21, 2003 meeting with a vote of 11-0. Final approval by the Ohio Board of Regents was granted at the March 11, 2004 meeting.

Requests for 2004-2005 appointments to the Graduate Council and Graduate Council Committees will be circulated within the next two weeks.

The Graduate Student Excellence Award Program is scheduled for May 19, 2004 in the Student Union Lower Atrium. Thirty-five students will be honored.
IV. Committee Reports

  • Policies Committee (C. Ryan)

The Committee met on April 23 and April 28 and discussed the following issues:

A new program titled Certificate in Scientific Computation and Geography was approved by the Committee and recommended to the Council. Following discussion of the title of the certificate program, it was moved, seconded, and approved by the Council. The proposal will now be submitted to Faculty Senate as new business.

A Proposal for a degree designation change for a Master of Arts Degree in International and Comparative Politics was approved by the Committee. It was moved, seconded, and approved unanimously by the Council.

A modification to the degree requirements in the Master of Accountancy program was approved by the Committee.

  • Membership Committee (R. Grubbs)

The Committee met May 4 and considered and recommended four nominations for full graduate faculty membership, three nominations for adjunct full graduate faculty membership, and one nomination for continuing adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The full member nominees are:

Bobbe Gray Nursing/College of Nursing & Health
Julie Skipper BI & HFE/College of Engineering & Computer Science
Courtney Sulentic Pharm & Tox/School of Medicine
Yvonne Vadeboncoeur Bio Sci/College of Science & Mathematics

The adjunct full member nominees are:

Gregory Arnold Electrical Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
David Johnston Mechanical Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Devert Wicker Electrical Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science

The continuing adjunct full member nominee is:

Richard Warren Psych & HF/College of Science & Mathematics

It was moved and seconded that the nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

  • Student Affairs Committee (N. Klingbeil)

The Committee met February 24 and May 5, 2004. The February 24 meeting was devoted to interviewing four applicants for the Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship Program. An applicant to The Ohio State University College of Optometry was selected as Wright State University’s first choice nominee. An applicant to the Wright State University College of Education and Human Services was selected as the Committee’s minority nominee. Those selected will receive $3,500 per year for two years of graduate or professional study.

At the May 5 meeting, the Committee reviewed the guidelines and criteria for selection of Graduate Council Scholars. Eight nominations were reviewed. Additionally, two students in the College of Science and Mathematics were selected through the accelerated process. Those selected are eligible to receive a yearly stipend of $12,000 and tuition remission for two years.

V. Research Report (E. Friese)

For the period from July 2003 through April 2004, 479 sponsored program awards were received totaling $41.2 million. During the same period, 643 proposals have been processed. There have been three awards of monetary significance since February, 2004; two in the School of Medicine, and one in the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Five Research Incentive awards were funded, totaling $45,900. Five Professional Development Grants were funded, totaling $14,500. Nineteen Research Travel grants totaling $13,912 were funded during
FY 03-04.

The Research and Sponsored Programs Faculty Orientation is scheduled for October 14, from
9:00 until 12:00. New faculty and those beginning proposal development are encouraged to participate.

IX. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 p.m.