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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

February 16, 2004


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:30 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: K. Bennett, J. Belcher, N. Bourbakis, J. Brandeberry,
W. Carmichael, A. Chamberlain, R. Grandhi, R. Grubbs, B. Jung, H. Klein, M. Leffak, P. Martin,
S. McConnell, T. McKee, M. McLellan, S. Nelson, R. Ramsey, L. Ream, J. Rudisill, K. Scordo, E. Self, T. Sudkamp, J. Talbot, S. Thomas, J. Thomas (Chair), T. Traynor, J. Turchi, R. Williams

Non-voting alternates present were: G. Malicki, C. Ryan, L. Winfrey

Non-voting attendees were: S. Foster, E. Friese, A. Johnson, J. Kimble, J. Ovington

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the October 13, 2003 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Dean (J. Thomas)

The Winter 2004 enrollment report indicates an increase of 5.7% in graduate headcount and 11.9% in graduate credit hours.

The Master of Public Health program was approved by RACGS at the November 11, 2003 meeting with a vote of 11-0. Final approval by the Ohio Board of Regents is anticipated at the March 11, 2004 meeting.

The Committee on Higher Education and the Economy (CHEE) was appointed by Governor Taft to address issues regarding program review and graduate program funding. Membership includes regents, trustees, and presidents. (President Goldenburg is a member.) This Committee will grant authority to the OBOR to close programs to avoid duplication. This likely will result in periodic review of all graduate programs. Initially, the Committee planned to base graduate program funding not on graduate heat count, but grant subsidy.

The Graduate Council Scholars program offers a $12,000 yearly stipend and tuition remission (for up to two years). The Graduate Student Affairs Committee selects recipients of the scholarship. Dean Thomas stressed that faculty furnish this information to the uppermost students. Only one student will be selected per program; nominations should be forwarded to Dean Thomas.

IV. Committee Reports

  • Policies Committee (C. Ryan)

The Committee met on February 2 and February 13 and discussed the following issues:

A new program titled American Humanics Nonprofit Graduate Certificate in the Department of Urban Affairs. The certificate program was approved by the Committee.

A program development plan for a Masters degree in Information Systems. A reading committee will now be appointed to review the proposed program.

An alternative to the TOEFL. The Committee approved the International English Language Testing Systems as an alternative.

A modification to the Master of Science in Mathematics program. The program will now include a thesis option.

A new concentration in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management titled Supply Chain Management.

The Committee agreed that dual-listed courses must be presented to the Graduate Policies Committee and the Graduate Dean.

G. Malicki reported that an Electronic Graduate Catalogue should be available no later than May, 2004.

The Faculty Senate has established criteria for selection of the Chair of Graduate Council: the Chair should a) be the Graduate School Dean, or b) be a member of the full graduate faculty for five years, be a member of Graduate Council for two years, and be a member of the Graduate Council Policies Committee for two years.

The course inventory review procedure has been modified. The process will maintain the 30-day review period; however, concerns will be considered post 30 days. New courses will be included in the minutes of the Graduate Council; minutes will be posted on the Graduate Studies web-site in a timely manner. New courses will be announced on the list serve as well.

  • Membership Committee (R. Grubbs)

The Committee met February 2 and February 9 and considered and recommended nine nominations for full graduate faculty membership and seven nominations for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The full member nominees are:

Candace Cherrington Nursing/College of Nursing & Health
Forouzan Golshani Computer Sci & Egr/College of Engineering & Computer Science
Greg Graman Mgt Sci & Information Systems/Raj Soin College of Business
Charles Gulas Marketing/Raj Soin College of Business
Madhavi Kadakia Biochem & Molecular Biology/College of Science & Mathematics
Ravi Penmetsa Mechanical & Materials Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Rosemary Ramsey Marketing/Raj Soin College of Business
Vikram Sethi Mgt Sci & Information Systems/Raj Soin College of Business
Larry Weinstein Mgt Sci & Information Systems/Raj Soin College of Business

The adjunct full member nominees are:

Prabir Kanti Chaudhury Mechanical & Materials Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Ravinder Chona Mechanical & Materials Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Qingyou Han Mechanical & Materials Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Donald Loritz Biomed & Industrial Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Steven Markham Psychology/College of Science & Mathematics
P. Ruby Mawasha Mechanical & Materials Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science
Paul McManamon Biomed & Industrial Egr/College of Egr & Computer Science

It was moved and seconded that the nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

V. Research Report (E. Friese)

External awards from July 2003 through January, 2004 totaled $32.8 million.
From July, 2003 through January, 2004, 433 proposals have been processed.
Grant/contract research expenditures from July, 2003 through January, 2004 total $15.3 million.

The Wright Center of Innovation for Advanced Data Management and Analysis, sponsored by the Ohio Department of Development was awarded to Wright State University. The award totaled $11.1 million; local industry will match the award in the amount of $32 million. Dean Thomas was instrumental in the submission and award of the proposal.

The Research Incentive Program awards Research Initiation grants ($10,000) and Professional Development grants ($3,000). Proposals are due February 20; award announcements will be made mid-April. The Research Travel Program is an on-going program available to fully affiliated faculty and doctoral students in his/her last year of study.

All internal funding opportunities are available on the Research and Sponsored Programs web page.

IX. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.

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