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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

April 28, 2008


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, G. Bernhardt, A. Chamberlain, D. Cole, J. Dombrowski, K. Engisch, B. Farmer, N. Klingbeil, P. Martin, M. Miller, S. Nelson, J. Petrick, L. Ream, T. Sudkamp, C. Sulentic, J. Thomas (Chair), D. Voss, D. Weber, A. Wendt, R. Williams, L. Winfrey, E. Wolf

Non-voting alternates and other attendees were: J. Bantle, J. Champagne, M. Cronenwett, B. Gray, J. Kimble, C. Ryan, W. Sellers, K. Wilhoite

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the February 25, 2008 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Dean (J. Thomas)

J. Thomas reported that although the head count for spring quarter 2008 was down by 53 from last year, there is an increase of 9 over a five-year period, indicating overall flat enrollment. Credit hours for this time period were down 2.7% over the last year, but show an overall increase of 12.7% over the five-year time period.

We host two Graduate Open Houses annually, with the most recent being held on March 13, 2008. 144 applications were submitted, which is more than half of the 283 who attended. Dean Thomas thanked all who represented the various Colleges and staffed the tables at these events for their hard work, which is necessary in order to make these events so successful.

A new Graduate Communication Center is being implemented for the purpose of recruiting new graduate students and increasing enrollment. Space has been allocated and computers and software have been purchased and installed. J. Champagne has the responsibility of the operation of this Center. Colleges will be asked to furnish letters, which will be sent to prospective students who inquire about the various graduate programs. This process will be an automatic mail and e-mail generator.

Several proposals are currently under review by the Chancellor’s Office. The Master of Science in Leadership Development Full Proposal was approved by Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees and is now under review by RACGS. The target presentation and vote is expected May 30.

The MSE in Renewable and Clean Energy and the MS in Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship PDP’s are under review by RACGS. The Full Proposals were approved by the Faculty Senate in April and need to go to the Trustees and RACGS with a target approval date in July if RACGS meets,

The Master of Psychology (PsyM) in Clinical Psychology was approved by Faculty Senate and will go forward to the Trustees. This is a single step process which will then go to RACGS for approval.
Three master’s title changes received final approval by RACGS on April 25, 2008: Geological Sciences to Earth and Environmental Sciences, Human Factors Engineering to Industrial and Human Factors Engineering, and Physiology and Biophysics to Physiology and Neuroscience. Students currently in these programs will be given the choice of which degree title they will receive. Future students in these programs will receive their degrees with the new titles.

A Graduate Dean’s Student Advisory Board is in the planning stages, with assistance from Megan Cronenwett, SoGS Student Government representative. A breakfast will be hosted for graduate student representatives from each college who were nominated by their deans for the purpose of discussing composition, selection, and agenda for this Graduate Dean’s Advisory Board. We plan to have this Advisory Board in place this fall.

A letter to the deans will be sent in early May, requesting the appointment of Graduate Council Members for 2008-09 by May 30. Deans also need to consider Policies, Membership, and Student Affairs Committee members, with those committee member appointments due by fall quarter. Research Council membership is not under consideration at this time due to that committee being reorganized by J. Bantle.

The Graduate Student Excellence Awards Program will be held Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 5:00 P.M. in the Pathfinder Lounge. President Hopkins will greet the reception. All Graduate Council and Committee members are invited to attend as we recognize 43 graduate students who are considered to be outstanding in their respective programs.

J. Thomas expressed his appreciation to all Graduate Council and Committee members for all of the hard work that’s gone into these programs this year. This was a very busy year, full of accomplishments.

IV. Committee Reports

* Policies Committee (L. Ream)

The Policies Committee met twice since the last Graduate Council meeting and discussed and acted on three items.

A proposal for a Certificate Program in Sports Management (SMP) was unanimously recommended by the Policies Committee. This program would allow students enrolled in the M.A. or M.Ed. Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate program, or in other master’s degree programs, or enrolling in non-degree status for the certificate program only the opportunity to earn a 22 quarter hour graduate certificate in the sports management field. The implementation of the SMP program, which is based on the growth of sport and recreation related interests, will provide graduate certificate holders with a variety of professional options. Instructors will include faculty from the College of Education and Human Services, Raj Soin College of Business, and professionals from administrative departments and intercollegiate organizations.

A Global Health concentration proposal in the Master of Public Health Program was considered, but was returned to the department for clarification of elective course offerings and requirements. The Committee granted provisional approval to this new concentration, pending the department’s response.

A Reading Committee for the proposed Ph.D. program in Sustaining Renewal in Organizations, comprised of L. VandeCreek, B. Baker and T. Hangartner, made recommendations to be considered by the proposal authors in regard to responding to the RACGS review of the PDP. The authors will consider revisions to the full proposal over the summer. The revised proposal should be returned to the Policies Committee by fall quarter for further consideration.
* Membership Committee (J. Petrick)

The Committee met and recommended three (3) nominations for full graduate faculty status and eleven (11) nominations for adjunct full graduate faculty status.

The full graduate faculty member nominees are:

Deborah Crusan Eng/CoLA
Barbara Hopkins Econ/RSCoB
Evan Osborne Econ/RSCoB

It was moved and seconded that the nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

The following nominees are recommended to the Graduate Council for adjunct full graduate faculty membership:

Peter Athanas EE/CECS
Kate Beard CSE/CECS
Ronny Blust ES PhD/CoSM
William Clements ES PhD/CoSM
Joseph Culp ES PhD/CoSM
Nicholas DelRaso CSE/CECS
Vasant Honavar CSE/CECS
Roger Kimmel MME/CECS
Rajesh Naik BMB/BSoM
Jeffrey Sanders MME/CECS
Andrey Voevodin MME/CECS

It was moved and seconded that these nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

* Student Affairs (B. Gray)

We are pleased to announce that Gregory Logan Miller, our nominee for the Regents Graduate/Professional Fellowship Program, is a recipient of that award. The Ohio Board of Regents reviews applicants from Ohio’s academically outstanding baccalaureate graduates who plan to continue their studies in Ohio, and selects about 70 scholars throughout the state to receive the Regents Fellowship.

Graduate Council Scholars selection is underway. We have a small pool of applicants to be considered this year. Thus far, six offers have been made with three accepting, two declining, and one outstanding at this point. Student Affairs will meet next week to discuss and rank the remaining Graduate Council Scholarship candidates.

* Research Committee (W. Sellers)

W. Sellers commented on the 2008-2017 University System of Ohio Strategic Plan for Higher Education. Performance in sponsored research is an important component of the plan. The National Science Foundation (NSF) ranks universities and, thereby, ranks states using metrics for university research and commercialization. Ohio is ranked in the top 30 in the nation in federally financed research spending per capita. The Chancellor wants the state to be in the top ten by 2017. Also, Ohio is ranked fifth in industry sponsored research with the goal to be number one by 2017.

A total of 397 invention disclosures were filed last year, with the 2017 goal to be determined. Also, University startups attract more than $1,000,000 annually.

According to NSF published figures on research expenditures, Wright States’ total for FY2006 was $47.711M, an increase of 106.3% since FY 1999. This places us 3rd among public institutions in Ohio and 168th nationally. However, with the merger of the University of Toledo and the Medical University of Ohio, Wright State will rank 4th in state public university research funding. The seven year increase is also 4th among public institutions in the state. Wright State must not only maintain this funding, but also strive to increase it. One problem is an expected decrease of approximately $100,000 per year in Wright State’s share of Ohio Research Challenge funding due to a change in the funding formula. Also, projections are that federal funding will be flat for the foreseeable future, so an aggressive stance in seeking sponsored research will be needed. A projection of total sponsored program funding (not just research) shows Wright State exceeding $100 M in 2010-2011.

It was announced that W. Sellers will be leaving Wright State in May to take a position at Loyola University in Chicago. Graduate Council thanked Bill for the wonderful leadership in his office and for all that he has contributed in his twelve years at Wright State.

B. Farmer moved that the Graduate Council minutes include a Resolution expressing thanks to Dr. Sellers for his many contributions to Wright State. This passed by acclamation.

Be it resolved that the Wright State University Graduate Council expresses its appreciation to and respect for the leadership of Dr. William Sellers in guiding the growth of sponsored research over the period 1996-2008.

V. Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.