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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

April 26, 2010


I. The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Voting members and alternates present were: G. Alter, G. Bernhardt, L. Caron, A. Chamberlain, D. Cipollini, D. Curry, R. Dodge, K. Engisch, A. Goshtasby, R. Grandhi, L. James, J. Jean, J. Lindsey, P. Martin, M. Miller, B. Milligan, D. Pringle, C. Ryan, E. Self, P. Vermeersch, D. Voss, D. Watamaniuk, R. Williams, E. Wolf

Non-voting alternates and other attendees were: J. Bantle, C. Brun, M. Cronenwett, S. Foster, M. Holland, E. Reinsch-Friese

II. Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the February 22, 2010 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.

III. Report of the Interim Dean (J. Bantle)

Jack Bantle announced that Dr. Andrew Hsu from IUPUI has been selected as the new dean of the School of Graduate Studies. Dr. Hsu begins his new duties on July 1 and will be housed in the Graduate Studies office in the Student Union. In the meantime, we are advertising for either an assistant or associate dean to replace Jerry Malicki.

The first-ever Research Celebration on April 16 had a very good start. Over 130 students participated, there was good sponsorship, and it successfully combined undergraduate and graduate students to showcase their work. The Dean’s Graduate Student Advisory Board had a table to encourage undergraduate students to continue into graduate school. J. Bantle thanked those who had students sign up to present and also those who attended. Any feedback of ways to make this bigger and better will be gladly accepted for use in future Research Celebrations. The goals were to showcase our talent, to allow students to present in a relaxed forum before going to regional and national meetings, and for the community to understand what Wright State does in terms of research. This event is for the entire campus community, not just the sciences. We hope that all Colleges will participate in the future.

IV. Committee Reports

* Policies Committee (J. Bantle)

The Policies Committee met to consider three items which do not require a vote by Graduate Council and are brought forward as information only: a change to the Ph.D. qualifying examination by core curriculum guide in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, a change in the requirements in the Psy.M. of Clinical Psychology to increase the program to two years with an increase in clinical hours, and approval that Computer Science and Engineering students will not be dismissed due to the number of C’s or below they have on their record as long as they maintain a 3.0 GPA.

* Membership Committee (J. Bantle)

The Membership Committee recommended four (4) new nominees who met the standards for full graduate faculty status and nine (9) who met the standards for adjunct full graduate faculty membership.

The full graduate faculty nominees are:

Marlese Durr SOC/ATH/CoLA
Karen Lahm SOC/ATH/CoLA
Rebecca Teed EES/CoSM

It was moved and seconded that these nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

The following nominees are recommended to the Graduate Council for adjunct full graduate faculty membership:

Harold Gibbs ESPhD/CoSM
Daniel Gruhl EE/CS/CECS
Steven Harrod BIE/CECS
David Hudak BIE/CECS
Thomas Lamkin BMS PhD/CoSM
Peter McIntyre ESPhD/CoSM
Sonia Michail BMS PhD/CoSM
William (Paul) Murdock, Jr. BIE/CECS
Thomas Nichols BMS PhD/CoSM

It was moved and seconded that these nominees be approved; the motion passed unanimously.

* Student Affairs (C. Brun)

Carl Brun stated that the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee have the privilege to make early Graduate Council Scholarship offers to students that we might lose to other Universities. Offers were made to Carla Benton (CoSM), Valerie Schoepfer (CoSM), Brad Custer (CEHS), Ben Schmitt (CECS), Elizabeth Peyton (CoSM), Clayton Rothwell (CoSM), and Tim Crory (CoSM). When the Student Affairs Committee met, they agreed to offer Laura Henrickson (CEHS) a Graduate Council Scholarship and selected two additional students to replace candidates who decline.

A revised Graduate Council Scholarship procedure will begin next year to include having two application deadlines rather than one. A request for nominations for two early Graduate Council Scholars will go out in mid-December with a mid-February deadline. A second request for nominations will be made in March with a deadline of mid-April. Selection of Graduate Council Scholars will require a vote by the Student Affairs Committee rather than just the Dean and Chair and will take place a week after each deadline. Colleges are encouraged to submit their nominations from the students who are applying to all of their graduate programs. Nominees must also submit a statement of support for their nominations. Students not selected in the first round will be placed in the second round for consideration.

The Graduate Student Excellence Awards Program is May 5 to recognize outstanding graduate students from the various programs we offer.

J. Bantle added that an abundance of exceptional students were nominated this year as Graduate Council Scholars, so funding was supplemented in order to make the offer to two more students. We don’t want to lose exceptional students who have many other opportunities. With the changes in the process next year, the dates will be widely publicized so the deadlines are not missed.

V. Research Report (E. Reinsch-Friese)

External funding received through March 31, 2010 was just over $78M with 458 actual awards, which is slightly fewer awards, but more actual dollar volume from last year. Part of the increase in funding is that the State is funneling instructional money as Recovery Funds through the OBR subsidy, which is also recorded in RSP. To indicate what we’re actually receiving, the graph provided indicated the total received including the $10.4M subsidy in Federal Recovery Funds and also indicated funding received without the subsidy money. We are still about 10% ahead of last year at this time if the recovery funding is not considered. A Comparison of Funding by Category was also shown which indicated the increase in funding received.

Research Challenge funding has been markedly reduced from last year. Funding we receive this year is through the Ohio Third Frontier Bond proceeds, so the competition must be related to the Ohio Third Frontier technology areas. Information for this competition is on the Research and Sponsored Programs web site at http://www.wright.edu/rsp/internal.html. The application deadline is May 10 for proposals in the following technology areas: Advanced and Alternative Energy; Biomedical; Advanced Materials; Instruments, Controls and Electronics; and Advanced Propulsion. We require that just one copy of the proposal be submitted.

For those who would like to learn how to use the Community of Science to find funding opportunities, a workshop will be held on April 28. These workshops are publicized on the RSP web site and through the list-serves.

The Annual Report was available to those who wanted a copy and is also on the web site. Research News is no longer being published in hard copy, but is on the web site as well.

J. Bantle stated that President Hopkins wants the target for Research and Sponsored Program funding to be $80M, excepting any stimulus dollars, which would make it around $94M total, a formidable goal. His overall goal is $125M in five years, but he did not indicate a starting date. This can only be accomplished in two ways. First of all, we need to hire bright, young faculty and get them going, and second, we need to land some very big grants. We do have some large grant proposals out, but some of those are counted as earmarks, which we don’t have again this year.

VI. Old Business

No old business was brought forward.

VII. New Business

Gwana Pontsler in the Graduate Studies office and Kimberly Brumbaugh in UCIE have been working to streamline and simplify the process by which international students get their contracts, report to the Federal Government, obtain approval, and make this an online process so graduate students come in just once to sign the required forms. We are attempting to simplify this quite complex process for our international students. J. Bantle thanked Stephen Foster for the assistance from his office. The new process will be announced as soon as trials are complete and this is known to be workable.

VIII. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2:54 p.m.