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Fall 2020 Update: Wright State University’s Dayton and Lake Campuses plan to return to teaching for 2020 Fall Semester on August 24 with a dynamic and flexible mixture of in-person and remote courses. Read more about our Right Here. Wright State. This Fall. plan.

Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

September 16, 2013

I. The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.
Voting members and alternates present were: C. Brun, A. Chamberlain, C. Cherrington, W. Dragon, K. Duffy, A. Goshtasby, M. Gruys, B. Hull, A. Jeyaraj, M. Lee, M. Miller, B. Milligan, W. Mosier, B. Rigling, M. Schultz, E. Self, and J. Warfield.
Non-voting members, alternates and other attendees were: A. Agather, R. Ayres (chair), C. Demboski, D. Curry, H. Dregalla, E. Gilles (scribe), S. Higgins, L. Hong, P. Kumar, M. Mamrack, M. Ragas, S. Watamaniuk, and K. Wilhoit.
II. Approval of Minutes
It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the April 18, 2013 meeting be approved as written. Motion carried unanimously.
III. Report of the Interim Dean (R. Ayres)
Enrollment – Graduate enrollment is up this fall by a little more than 6%; number of credit hours is up by 4%. CECS saw a large increase in enrollment (70%); COSM and CONH had healthy growth. “New graduate student” totals are up 28% compared to last fall; last year, the new student total was up 17% from the previous year. International student enrollment saw the largest growth – up 73% from last year. In 2012, the enrollment growth was mainly in domestic students due in part to the Graduate School’s marketing campaign. The enrollment goal for fall 2014 is 2% growth.
Marketing Update – The Graduate School is still using the “Defining Next” campaign; this style guide is available for use by all the colleges. This fall, market research will be conducted. The final report is due by the end of the year, results of which will better direct future marketing efforts.
Announcements – The Graduate Open House will take place Wed. Oct. 16, 5:00-7:00 p.m., in the Apollo room.
The first of two Graduate Program Directors Workshops will take place Fri. Nov. 15, 12-2:00 p.m. in E156 SU.
IV. Committee Reports
a. Student Affairs Committee (C. Brun)
Dr. Brun introduced two of the 2013-2014 scholarship awardees to Council: Alison Agather (Wright Fellow, M.S. Earth and Environmental Sciences) and Colleen Demboski (Graduate Council Scholar, M.ED. Middle Childhood Education).
b. Membership Committee ( W. Mosier)
Since the last Graduate Council meeting in April, a total of 70 graduate faculty memberships were approved. The Graduate School Interim Dean approved 14 regular and 47 adjunct memberships; the Membership Committee approved 9 adjunct graduate faculty memberships. Dr. Mosier asked Council members to remind their college officials to clearly identify the level of membership being sought on the nomination forms and to provide explanation for any special circumstances being requested.
c. Policies Committee (B. Milligan)
No report.
d. Curriculum Committee A (B. Rigling for R. Grandhi)
New Course Requests: BIO 6030, BIO 6040, BIO 6450, and CS 7960. Course Modifications: EE 6100,
EE 6700, EE 6700lab, NUR 6102, NUR 7901, and PHY 8990. Program of Study Modification: Title change for Nuclear Bio Chem Defense Certificate. On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, B. Rigling moved to approve the 4 course requests, 6 course modifications, and 1 program of study modification. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.
e. Curriculum Committee B (J. Warfield for M. McNutt)
On behalf of the Curriculum Committee B, J. Warfield moved to approve the following 6 new course requests, 22 course modifications, 2 quarter-to-semester conversions, and 48 programs of study (3 new concentrations and 45 modifications). No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.
New Course Requests: EDL 9555, EDL 9955, EDS 6281, EDS 6481, EDS 6731, and REL 5790
Course Modifications: ECE 6500, ED 6400, ED 6410, ED 6470, ED 6530, ED 6550, ED 6560, ED 6570, ED 6970, ED 7060, ED 7170, ED 7220, ED 7450, ED 7500, ED 7560, ED 7800, ED 7810, EDS 6260, EDS 6280, EDS 6500, IE 7000, and PLS 6280
Quarter to Semester Conversions: ED 7850 and PLS 6640
Programs of Study:
1. New Concentrations: MBA – new Executive concentration, Multi-age Ed License - new Computer Information Science concentration, and Multi-age Ed MED - new Computer Information Science concentration
2. Modifications:
a. EDL Education Specialist: Advanced Curriculum and Instruction
b. EDL Education Specialist: Superintendent
c. EDS Early Childhood Intervention Specialist License
d. EDS Intervention Specialist MED Early Childhood
e. EDS Intervention Specialist License: Mild to Moderate Needs
f. EDS Intervention Specialist MED: Mild to Moderate Needs
g. EDS Intervention Specialist License: Moderate to Intensive Needs
h. EDS Intervention Specialist MED: Moderate to Intensive Needs
i. SAA Education Leadership MED: Student Affairs in Higher Administration
3. Modifications (same change for all: deletion of 3 credit hour course ED 6890)
a. ED AYA License: Earth Sciences
b. ED AYA MED: Earth Sciences
c. ED AYA License: Earth Sciences + Chemistry
d. ED AYA MED: Earth Sciences + Chemistry
e. ED AYA License: Earth Sciences + Physics
f. ED AYA MED: Earth Sciences + Physics
g. ED AYA License: Integrated Language Arts
h. ED AYA MED: Integrated Language Arts
i. ED AYA License: Integrated Mathematics
j. ED AYA MED: Integrated Mathematics
k. ED AYA License: Integrated Science
l. ED AYA MED: Integrated Science
m. ED AYA License: Integrated Social Studies
n. ED AYA MED: Integrated Social Studies
o. ED AYA License: Life Sciences
p. ED AYA MED: Life Sciences
q. ED AYA License: Life Sciences + Chemistry
r. ED AYA MED: Life Sciences + Chemistry
s. ED AYA License: Life Sciences + Earth Sciences
t. ED AYA MED: Life Sciences + Earth Sciences
u. ED AYA License: Life Sciences + Physics
v. ED AYA MED: Life Sciences + Physics
w. ED AYA License: Physical Science: Chemistry
x. ED AYA MED: Physical Science: Chemistry
y. ED AYA License: Physical Science: Physics
z. ED AYA MED: Physical Science: Physics
aa. ED AYA License: Physical Science: Physics (Phy + Chem)
bb. ED AYA MED: Physical Science: Physics (Phy + Chem)
cc. ED Multi-age Education License: Modern Language French
dd. ED Multi-age Education MED: Modern Language French
ee. ED Multi-age Education License: Modern Language Spanish
ff. ED Multi-age Education MED: Modern Language Spanish
gg. ED Multi-age Education License: Visual Arts
hh. ED Multi-age Education MED: Visual Arts
ii. ED Multi-age Education License: World Language German
jj. ED Multi-age Education MED: World Language German
V. Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Report (M. Ragas)
The GSA hosted a Graduate Welcome event during the campus Welcome Week. They also attended the Master of Public Health open house. GSA gained 37 new members; membership total is 143 students. Applications are currently being accepted in the first round of the professional development/original works grant program. The deadline for graduate students to apply is Oct. 16. The application form and more information are available on the GSA website: www.wsugradstudent.wordpress.com
VI. Old Business – None
VII. New Business – None
VIII. Discussion – None
IX. The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.
Future meeting dates: Oct. 31 and Nov. 21, 2013. Feb. 13, March 13, and April 17, 2014.