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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

November 1, 2012


I.  The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.
Voting members and alternates present were:  J. Allen, G. Alter, C. Brun, A. Chamberlain, D. Cipollini, R. Grandhi, B. Gray, M. Gruys, B. Hull, M. Kadakia, J. McAlearney, M. McNutt, E. Osborne, B. RiglingR. Ramsey, E. Self, and T. Tarpey
Non-voting members, alternates and other attendees were:  B. Ayres, C. Cherrington, D. Curry, S. Foster, E. Gilles (scribe), J. Greening, L. Hong, A. Hsu (chair), M. Mamrack, D. Steele-Johnson, and R. Williams.
II.  Approval of Minutes
It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the Oct. 4, 2012 meeting be approved as written.  Motion carried unanimously.
III.   Report of the Dean (A. Hsu)
a. Graduate Open House – The fall Graduate Open House was held on Oct. 8. Attendance was 303; last year was 337. Number of applications: 201. Last year, we collected a record number of applications: 265. The reason why the numbers are down this year is unknown. The advertising and incentive (no application fee) were the same as last year. Marketing efforts will be increased with the hope that enrollment will not be negatively affected by the lower attendance at the Open House. 
b. Program Reviews – The university has begun a discussion on program review in anticipation of the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association’s accreditation visit in 2015. An ad hoc committee has been formed to develop the process and procedures. The Graduate School met with the committee chair, Stephanie Davis, and discussed a uniform process for review with the masters’ programs and undergraduate programs. The review of the doctoral programs will continue as established last year. The review of programs will begin later in 2013; more information will be shared as it develops. 
c. Tuition Remission Policy – This morning, the Research Council approved a revised policy on fee remission for graduate research assistants. Two changes were made to the policy since it was last viewed by Graduate Council: (1) A lower requirement for the stipend, as requested by many who were surveyed, was included which will help give flexibility to the colleges and faculty; and (2) New language was removed from the policy that permitted undergraduate students participating in combined degree programs to be eligible for fee remission. RSP, in particular, felt this component of the policy might violate the federal  A-21 law.
IV. Report of the Assistant Dean (R. Ayres)
Marketing Presentation – The Graduate School has been working with a marketing firm in Columbus, Ologie Inc, which has extensive experience working with higher education. Over the last few months, Ologie has completed a situation analysis, based upon which they are developing a marketing strategy that includes a personality and message for the Graduate School. They have also provided a platform from which the Graduate School can market itself and adapt to market individual programs. This project is still a work in progress.
V. Committee Reports 
a. Policies Committee (G. Alter) – No report.
b. Membership Committee (B. Gray)
Since the last Graduate Council meeting, the Graduate School Dean approved 5 regular and 2 adjunct graduate faculty memberships. The Membership Committee approved 2 adjunct nominations. A reminder: please include a letter of support with adjunct graduate faculty nominations detailing the college’s plan for the candidate. 
c. Curriculum Committee A (R. Grandhi)
1. New Program Concentration: Family Psychiatric & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with Program of Study: MS in Family Psychiatric and Mental Health NP and New Course Requests: NUR 7611, NUR 7612, NUR 7613 – The College of Nursing and Health is proposing a new concentration within the MS in Nursing program. The concentration includes three new courses. The proposal demonstrated a need for the program in the community. On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, R. Grandhi moved to approve the new concentration, program of study, and three new course requests. Dr. Hsu added that the proposed concentration modifies less than 50% of the current requirements for the MS in Nursing program so it will not need Faculty Senate or OBR approval. He also mentioned the concentration will be seeking a name change within a few months because the national organization recently changed the name of the discipline. No discussion. A. Hsu called for a vote. Motion passed.
2. Course Modifications: NUR 6103, NUR 7201, NUR 7202, NUR 7203, and PSY 8000 - On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, R. Grandhi moved to approve the five course modifications. No discussion. A. Hsu called for a vote. Motion passed.
3. Program of Study: MS in Nursing Education - On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, R. Grandhi moved to approve the requested reactivation of the MS in Nursing Education concentration and program of study. No discussion. A. Hsu called for a vote. Motion passed.
4. New Course Requests: BIO 5450, BIO 5460, and STT 7920 - On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, R. Grandhi moved to approve the three new course requests. No discussion. A. Hsu called for a vote. Motion passed.
d. Curriculum Committee B (B. Ayres for S. Franco)
New Course Requests: HST 6220, HST 6820, HST 7870, HST 7880, PLS 6210, and WMS 6890 - On behalf of the Curriculum Committee B, B. Ayres moved to approve the six course inventories. No discussion. A.Hsu called for a vote. Motion passed.
e. Student Affairs Committee (C. Brun)
The committee met once to conduct a student hearing. Reminder: Only a few nominations for the Minority Fellowship Awards have been received so far. The deadline was Oct. 30 but will be extended through the end of the week. 
VI. Research Report (E. Reinsch-Friese)
1. In FY12, WSU hit the mark of $100,000,000 counting all external funding.
2. Awards by major funding source FY12: federal agencies provide ½ of our total funding.
3. Awards by campus area FY12: VP of Research had the highest award amount (WSRI and OhioLink report to the VP)
4. Both basic research awards and applied research awards were up from the previous year.
5. The snapshot of awards by type of activity comparing last October to this October shows number of awards down this year.
6. Announcements: (1) RSP is working with Hanover Grants to offer grant support and writing services to WSU faculty. Two proposal queues are in place; request for use of services should be sent to Dr. Fyffe. (2) The financial conflict of interest policy was approved earlier this summer and requires NIH investigators to complete a disclosure form and training before research can begin. (3) RSP is phasing in the InfoEd modules beginning with proposal development and proposal tracking. Eventually, the red routing folders will be replaced. (4) The Office of Technology Transfer has a new interim director, Ms. Elana Wang. Reid Smith has moved on to Miami University full-time.
VII. Graduate Student Assembly (J. Greening)
The GSA recently announced the call for nominations for the professional development and original work grants. The application deadline is Nov. 20. Nominations will be peer-reviewed first by a 10-student committee and then two faculty will review the top twenty candidates to make the final selection. The GSA is also looking for a keynote speaker who would be willing to give a presentation w/ Q&A to about 25 multi-disciplinary graduate students for the spring roundtable. Please contact James if you are interested in volunteering.
VII. Old Business – None
VIII. New Business – None
IX. Discussion - None 
X. Announcement: Next meeting will be held Dec. 6, 2012.
XI. The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.