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Graduate School

Graduate Council Meeting

February 21, 2013


I.  The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m.
Voting members and alternates present were:  G. Alter, A. Chamberlain, R. Grandhi, B. Gray, M. Kadakia, M. Kaylor, M. Kazimierczuk, J. McAlearney, B. Milligan, W. Mosier, R. Ramsey, B. Rigling, A. Russell, S. Schiller, M. Schultz, E. Self, T. Tarpey, and J. Warfield. 
Non-voting members, alternates and other attendees were:  R. Ayres (chair), L. Caron, S. Foster, E. Gilles (scribe),  J. Greening, J. Hilgefort, M. Holland, L. Hong, J. Keferl, D. LaHuis, M. Mamrack, and R. Williams.
II.  Approval of Minutes
It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the Jan. 24, 2013 meeting be approved as written.  Motion carried unanimously.
III. Report of the Interim Dean (R. Ayres)
a. University-wide Program Reviews – HLC will visit Wright State in two years. All programs will not need to be reviewed by then; only the process needs to be in place. The process for the review of doctoral programs was established last year. The undergraduate and graduate program reviews are being discussed by a faculty committee; one early discussion included scheduling program reviews to coincide with external accreditation reviews. 
b. Marketing update – Marketing efforts for the Graduate School are entering the third year. The outside consultant work is done; a new style guide has been developed and has been approved by the WSU Communications and Marketing department. The style guide is available for any of the colleges to use.
c. Graduate Council Elections – Emails will be sent in the next couple of weeks with information about members’ terms and current college-specific graduate faculty lists. In general, each college/school will need to elect one new representative for a three year term. 
d. Reminder re: Scholarship and Award Nominations – Calls have been sent out for nominations/applications for Graduate Student Retention Scholarships (deadline Feb. 22), Graduate Council Scholars and Wright Fellowships (deadline March 15), and Graduate Student Excellence Awards (deadline March 18). The Excellence Award Ceremony will take place on Wed. April 10 at 4 p.m. in the Apollo room.
e. Grad Program Directors’ Workshop - Monday, April 1. The topic will be advising and its role in retention and student success. 
IV. Committee Reports 
a. Policies Committee (G. Alter) 
The Policies Committee met once since the last Graduate Council to review an addition to Graduate Council Policy 2.41. When the new approval procedures for graduate faculty membership were passed in 2011, the dual approval of the membership committee and the Graduate School dean was underplayed. The proposed additional language (underlined) would remedy this: Nominations that do not meet the primary criteria are forwarded to the Membership Committee, along with all necessary explanatory and supporting material. The Membership Committee will review these nominations in accordance with the Graduate School policy. Nominations may be approved by the Committee, in which case they are sent to the Dean for concurring signature and recording in the list of graduate faculty, and reported to the Graduate Council. In cases of disagreement between the Dean and the Committee, the Graduate Council will serve as the final arbiter. If a nomination is deferred, a letter of explanation will be sent to the nominator.On behalf of the Policies Committee, G. Alter moved to approve the addition to Graduate Council Policy 2.41. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed. 
The Policies Committee considered two additional items. The first was a change in requirements for graduate admission transcripts. After a prolonged discussion, the committee tabled this issue. The second item involved graduate student status for 3+2 programs that involve WSU and an external university; this item is still under consideration by the committee and the provost.
b. Membership Committee ( B. Gray)
Since the last Graduate Council meeting, the Graduate School Dean approved 3 regular and 2 adjunct graduate faculty memberships. The Membership Committee approved 1 adjunct nomination. Reminder: Colleges should periodically review their lists of graduate faculty to be sure faculty who are teaching graduate level courses and/or are serving on thesis or dissertation committees have membership. 
c. Curriculum Committee A (R. Grandhi)
Course Modifications: BMB 8990 and PSY 8090 - On behalf of the Curriculum Committee A, R. Grandhi moved to approve the two course modifications. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.
d. Curriculum Committee B (S. Schiller for S. Franco)
1. New Course Requests: DOS 9000, DOS 9020, DOS 9030, DOS 9050, DOS 9060, EDL 8950, EDL 9130, EDL 9140, and EDL 9150
2. Programs of Study: MED Classroom Teacher: Learning & Motivation (qtr to sem), EDL Principal Licensure (modification) and EDL Teacher Leader Endorsement (modification)
3. Combined Degree Programs: B.A.-M.S. in Economics and B.S.B.-M.S. in Economics 
On behalf of the Curriculum Committee B, S. Schiller moved to approve the nine new course requests, three programs of study, and the two combined degree programs in economics. No discussion. R. Ayres called for a vote. All in favor. Motion passed.
e. Student Affairs Committee (R. Ayres for C. Brun)
The committee met once since the last Graduate Council meeting to select the first 2 Grad Council Scholars. Offers have been made; the students have until April 15 to accept or decline the offer. Any nominees not selected in the first round will be reconsidered in the second round. 
V. Graduate Student Assembly (J. Greening)
GSA received 21 applications for the second round of professional development and original work grants. Between the two rounds, over 60 applications were received which is 50% more than last year. The membership of GSA has also reached 105 members, which is triple the size from the beginning of the academic year. The GSA is currently assisting with a review of student health insurance with a goal of proposing a plan for insurance coverage that recognizes the different health care needs of graduate and undergraduate students. 
VI. Old Business – None
VII. New Business – None
VIII. Discussion - None 
IX. The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 p.m.