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COVID-19 information and resources. Visit our Coronavirus website.

Graduate School

Graduate School COVID-19 information

CoronavirusThe Graduate School office is currently closed as a preventative measure related to the COVID-19 virus. While our staff will continue to work remotely and daily processes will continue, some procedures will be temporarily altered. Our goal is to continue to serve our graduate students with as little disruption as possible. To do so, we will be employing various strategies and processes that are outside the norm and we ask for your patience as we all work through this event.

Please return to this page often; it will be updated regularly as events warrant and additional clarification of processes becomes available.

During this time, we can be contacted via e-mail at wsugrad@wright.edu. We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible.

University messages related to the Coronavirus can be found at - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).



Official transcripts will still be required for regular admission to the Graduate School. Staff will continue processing e-transcripts which must be sent to wsugrad@wright.edu directly from the institution.

If your institution does not offer e-transcripts or you are unable to obtain your transcripts for some other reason (i.e., the institution is currently closed, e-transcript not available), please contact us at wsugrad@wright.edu for instructions.

Inquiries about other extenuating circumstances regarding graduate admissions should be directed to wsugrad@wright.edu.

As always, applicants will not need to request their Wright State transcripts.

Admission letters

Newly admitted students will be able to access their admission letters through the application portal. Simply return to wright.force.com and click on “Admission Letter” in your Required Documents list. Then click on the "Admission Letter" link under “File name.”

Graduate Assistantships

We will be accepting scanned PDFs of the usual paper contracts, and those may be signed electronically as long as the signer affirms, from his or her Wright State email address, the authenticity of the signature. All contracts should still go to Gwana Snell (gwana.snell@wright.edu).

Graduation and Advising

Electronic signatures will be accepted on programs of study and thesis and dissertation approval pages when either a) the form is submitted through the dedicated Pilot page for Graduate Program Directors (see below), or b) the form is accompanied by an email from the graduate program director confirming the signatures’ authenticity.

Thesis and dissertation format checks will still be offered. Please email the document to wsugrad@wright.edu. Feedback is usually provided within two business days.

Although Wright State's ability to extend official graduation deadlines will be limited unless and until HLC relaxes its reporting deadlines, the Graduate School is offering the following accommodations in the meantime:

  • Students who have already applied to graduate in Fall 2020, but end up being prevented by COVID-19-related complications from doing so, may:
    • Reapply for graduation in Spring 2021 without paying a new graduation application fee
    • Graduate during Spring 2021 with a one-time full waiver of the minimum registration requirement (University Policy 5270.1):
      • Students may be granted the registration waiver if they have already met the minimum number of credit hours necessary for graduation.
      • International students will need to contact UCIE to be able to enroll in a reduced course load (RCL).
      • If graduate assistants are following an approved program of study and fulfilling other academic requirements as determined by their programs, this waiver will not affect their eligibility for assistantship funding (per University Policy 5120.1) during this final semester.
      • This waiver does not affect program-level registration requirements, which are at the discretion of the program.
      • Be aware that students who have not registered for three semesters will become inactive (per University Policy 5220), even if one or more of those semesters was covered by a COVID-19-related waiver of the minimum registration policy.
  • Other concerns regarding Fall 2020 graduation will be considered on a case-by-case basis, as usual.

For any other graduation-related questions, please contact Erika Gilles (erika.gilles@wright.edu).

General Information for Program Directors

Internal Form submission

The "Graduate Program Directors" Pilot site should appear on the Pilot home page under “Continuous Year” or “all” courses for program directors, coordinators, and department chairs. The site's primary purpose is to provide a way for graduate programs to share graduation-related documents with the Graduate School in a secure manner. There are dropboxes on the “Assessment” tab for programs of study, degree certificate forms, thesis and dissertation approval pages, and more. Electronic signatures will be accepted on these documents when they are submitted through the secure Pilot dropbox. We have also added folders in the Table of Contents where departments/programs can retrieve approval pages and committee forms after they have been signed by the Graduate School Dean. We will continue to develop and modify the site as we all learn together how it might best be formatted and used, so your feedback will be welcomed.