Graduate Education Cost

For the 2014-15 Academic Year

Expense Fee
Tuition per credit hour (1-10.5 hours) $590 (in-state residents)
  $1,005 (out-of-state residents)
Flat Rate tuition per semester (11-18 hours) $6,394 (in-state residents)
  $10,862 (out-of-state residents)
Books $600*
Total Per Semester (flat rate) $6,994* (in-state residents)
  $11,462* (out-of-state residents)
Total Per Year (flat rate) $13,988* (in-state residents)
  $22,924* (out-of-state residents)


Graduate Student Debt at Wright State

As of Fall 2013:

  • 1275 graduate students took out loans totaling $23.5 million, with an average debt load of over $18,400
  • 1064 graduate students have outstanding Stafford Loan balances averaging over $41,000 per student