Giving to Wright State


“Paying for college is a big stretch for my family, especially with my siblings all going to college soon,” says mechanical engineering major Jacob Iller, who is also a member of the Wright State men’s soccer team.

Thanks to the John Pirelli Lodge Italian-American scholarship, Jacob doesn’t have to worry as much about financing his tuition. Funded by the John Pirelli Sons of Italy Lodge, the scholarship provides financial assistance to students of Italian descent at Wright State University while also helping to preserve and promote Italian culture in the region.

“I have a goal of graduating from college with little debt, and the John Pirelli Lodge Italian-American Scholarship is really going to help out a lot,” says Jacob.

After graduation, Jacob hopes to work for an engineering firm, possibly in the field of aerospace engineering.

“Aerospace engineering is in my family blood,” he says. “There are many things on display that my grandfather worked on at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.”