Giving to Wright State


Harshini Mallipeddi, a graduate student studying pharmacology and toxicology, is a proud recipient of the Raj Malhotra Education Fund, which provides scholarships for students from India who are studying at Wright State. The fund was started by Raj’s parents, the late Pran and Isabelle Malhotra, who were successful immigrants from India who aspired to help others.

“I have been working hard to save money for my tuition, but my on-campus, part-time job has not been enough,” says Harshini, who is grateful for not only the financial support that the scholarship provides, but also the vote of confidence it gives her in her abilities and future career goals.

“My dream of receiving a master’s degree from Wright State is moving forward thanks to this generous scholarship,” she said. “I am committed to my education and one step closer to becoming a toxicologist in the United States.”

A three-time Wright State graduate, Raj Malhotra recently decided to rename the scholarship the Pran Malhotra Education Fund to honor his father. He hopes the scholarship will inspire future recipients to follow his father’s lead and persevere until they have achieved their dreams.

“My father believed in the power of your mind and your attitude and hard work,” Raj explains. “It may be difficult to be an immigrant or a foreign person in this country, but stay the course. Believe that you can do it and begin taking the next steps today.”